Should I get married?

First of all, I want to say that it�s great that we live in our time. How many hundreds of years the fate of women were decided without their intervention? Since the birth of a girl, parents could negotiate with someone about their daughter's future marriage. It does not matter that, perhaps, the girl will grow up and fall in love with a completely different young man.

Today, the times radically changed the idea of marriage. The modern woman has become different, the living conditions have made her stronger and can decide for herself whether to marry. After all, the choice of a life partner is too responsible to scream "yes!" At breakneck speed.

The reasons that push the girls to marry

  • All girlfriends are already married.
  • I want to give birth to a child who will grow up in a full-fledged family.
  • Love for a man.
  • Desire to move home from parents.
  • The future bride grew only with her mother and she lacks fatherly care, she tries to fill her with her man.
  • I wonder how it is to be married.
  • Potential husband is financially secure.
  • The girl is afraid of losing her lover and is trying to keep him near her in this way.
  • The girl is strongly influenced by her parents, who believe that it is already �long time� for her.
  • She just wants to get wife status.

Reasons for repulsing marriage

  • Unwillingness to "stand at the plate."
  • Unwillingness to do the cleaning.
  • Fear of becoming dependent on someone.
  • Unwillingness to gain excess weight from pregnancy.
  • Lack of confidence that she wants this.
  • The influence of past negative experiences.
  • The desire to live only for yourself.
  • The girl does not want to change his name and passport.
  • Severe perception of any change in life.

Do I have to marry a girl who feels one of the above? It is necessary, if in addition to this, she feels that:

  • Ready to be a wife and mother. On a moral or physical level, she already feels that the time has come.
  • Ready for life changes. I am ready for responsibility, for the fact that I�ll have to cut back the time I spend with friends, go shopping not for things, but for food, to cook for a man every day and wake up with him year after year in the same bed.
  • Fell in love and it is forever. Her love is mutual, and the man just wants to see her as his wife.
  • This is her dream. Here you just want and that's it!
  • Already achieved all that sought to, and now it's time to think about marriage.

So, if you have already thought about whether to marry, then pay attention to a number of criteria by which you should evaluate a candidate husband:

  • He is attractive and sexy for you.
  • His material means are enough to provide for your family.
  • He has accommodation.
  • He has a good job and position in society.
  • He has plans for the future with you.
  • It supports your views on the account of the birth and upbringing of the child.
  • His relatives do not cause negative emotions in you.
  • His character traits suit you completely.
  • He loves you as much as you love him.

The list of requirements is quite large. And this is not surprising, because you, in fact, solve the issue of your whole destiny. If you consider these criteria, you find that many of them are inherent in your young man, then perhaps you should become his wife. If you find any flaws in it, it is better to think and weigh the pros and cons. It is quite possible to accept some minuses, it is still impossible to find the perfect person.

Financial issues are also solvable, if you see that a person strives for something, and does not lie in front of the TV with a bottle of beer all day, then it is quite possible that with your help he will succeed. Therefore, the most important criterion on which to choose a husband is love. After all, to love and be loved by the same person is a great happiness!

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