The status of "not married": how we help single mothers

Children who have only a mother were called random to the whole country. It is good that not everyone thinks so.

Corporate party error

The scandal that broke out recently in the Perm region, to say the least, surprised. Against the background of the universal desire to support motherhood and childhood, the law adopted at the local level looked like a wrecking.

We accepted the document at the end of last year. At first glance, everything seems to be fine. Young Permyachki, who became mothers under 24 years old, are entitled to a lump sum payment in the amount of 60 thousand rubles. A little remark: women should be married. In an extreme case - you need to establish paternity. In the birth certificate of the child in the column "Father" dash? Do not wait for money.

what payments are supposed to single mothers
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Error? Misunderstanding? Dual interpretation of the law? No no and one more time no. In the official version it sounds like this: a measure of support for a full family and the institution of marriage. It seems nice and to the point.And maybe it would have been possible if it were not for the statements of the author of the amendment - the Perm deputy Sergei Kleptsin.

“It’s absolutely certain that the birth of such random children occurs after discos, some kind of small parties, corporate parties, something else,” said the parliamentarian on NTV.

Do you think this is a replica of some random person in politics who does not understand what is being said? What do you. A respected person in the region, a deputy with more than 10 years of experience, a pediatrician, former head doctor of a children's hospital and ... coordinator of the federal project “Every Child is Important for Russia.” To heap - twice father.

“I have experience in the birth of planned children,” he told reporters.

This replica hurt many. First of all those mummies who were led by tragic circumstances to loneliness.

The head of Prikamye reacted to the mass indignation very quickly, calling the new standard at least ambiguous.

“Make amendments that will eliminate this discrimination,” demanded the acting governor of the Perm region, Maxim Reshetnikov.

We have no doubt the law will now be changed quickly. In the meantime, cones are now pouring on the miscalculated deputy from all sides, let us remember how nonetheless single mothers in our country are protected.

Must be dad

Immediately make a reservation: not every mother who brings up a child without a strong male shoulder is a loner. In a divorce, but the father figures in the documents? Not considered. Not officially married, but is there a dad in the family? Also by. Then what?

- The status of “single mother” means that a woman gave birth to a child out of wedlock and at the same time his father does not exist in principle in their lives, the lawyers explain. - In this case, his surname is recorded by the name of the mother, and the patronymic of the crumbs can be given any. In the "father" in the birth certificate will be either a dash or some information from the words of the mother. Not the fact that the truth.

A single mother can be a woman who adopted a child out of wedlock, and one who became pregnant with the help of artificial insemination. Do not pull on a drunken mezhdusoboychik, is not it, Mr. Kleptsin?

What are the benefits laid single mothers
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Usually, if the parents are not painted, in addition to the birth certificate, the baby has another document - a certificate of paternity. His presence means that the new father confirms that he has a child and is ready to bear responsibility for him: moral and material.In this case, the mother is no longer considered lonely and in the case of parting with a man can apply for alimony. In principle, like a woman filing for divorce.

By the way, if the child was born out of wedlock, but after the divorce or death of her husband less than three hundred days have passed, the former spouse will be recognized as the father by default, even if he does not have any biological connection with the baby.

How to help?

Until 2006, such moms were given a special certificate of a single mother. The green book was, on the one hand, like a stigma. On the other - gave the right to certain benefits. Certificates have sunk into oblivion, they were replaced by a certificate form 25-U. But the benefits remained.

At first, each region has its own measures to support single-parent families (yes, dads can also be lonely). For example, in St. Petersburg, for example, they are paid increased monthly benefits. In Moscow - a monthly compensation payment in connection with the rising cost of living, as well as reimburse the increase in food prices.

Secondlylabor benefits. A woman can not be fired to reduce, if she alone raises a child to 14 years. If the enterprise where she works was closed, she must be provided with another place of work.Vacation at their own expense for up to two weeks a single mother can receive at any convenient time. If a child is younger than 14 years old, a woman may require part-time work, and the mother of a baby under five years of age does not have the right to be invited to work out of schedule.

Thirdly, tax deduction. Double! As they say, for myself and for that guy. Which is not in your life. We are talking about the cost of education of the child. You can compensate for a certain amount of money up to the age of 18, and if he became a student, then he will be 24 years old. You can issue a deduction through the FTS or the employer. The size of the deduction is determined based on the amount of 1,400 rubles for the first, the same for the second child, 3000 for the third, the same for each subsequent, 12,000 for a child with a disability.

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