Sink made of artificial stone: the pros and cons

Sinks from an artificial stone have such properties which give them beautiful appearance, and has a number of positive characteristics:

  • The service life of such a wash is about 10 years, so it is quite durable.
  • If chips, scratches and other damages appear, the washing of artificial stone can be easily restored.
  • Bacteria do not appear and do not spread on such car washes, there is no bad smell and fatty deposits - this is due to the special production technology.
  • This type of sinks is very durable, due to the presence in its composition of natural stone and polymer binders.
  • A large variety of shapes, sizes and colors, because it uses the process of vibratory casting.
  • They are completely silent.

Despite the fact that sinks made of artificial stone have many advantages, they also have some disadvantages that you should not forget when choosing.

  • Price, it is much higher in contrast to the sinks from other materials.
  • Do not put heavily heated dishes or pour boiling water on the surface, because you can damage the top layer of the sink.
  • We need constant care with special products. Do not use metal scrapers.
  • Very heavy weight and installation is best trusted by professionals.

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