Snakes in a dream

What can a snake testify to in a person's dreams?

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What dreams of a snake
What dreams of a snake

Dream Dream Thelomena

Identifies the snake with medicine and natural science. Snakes in a dream can symbolize various energy flows of a person. About what the dream of the snake, answer simple associations. Such a symbol may indicate anger, deceit, hatred, danger and deception.

In the dream book of Meridian, the image of a snake in a dream indicates a danger in the environment. For women, this may be a sign that it is necessary to think about their caution and gullibility, danger may lie in wait at every turn. Snakes in the house talk about the critical proximity of enemies and detractors, the image is designed to refrain from rash actions associated with the adoption of important decisions. A snake in a dwelling can foreshadow trouble and troubles in a family.

Small snakes wrapped around a tree column indicate slander and punishment for offenses committed. Small snakes dream of small scandals, quarrels and conflicts. The symbol of the green snake is a sign of liberation from burdensome obligations and habits.If a sleeper sees a green snake that wraps around his body, then this can be regarded as negative principles that must be eliminated in order to improve the state of his affairs.

A green snake in a dream symbolizes spiritual and moral healing, liberation from evil desires. The yellow snake comes to sleep on the eve of great accomplishments. It can be deliverance from an old enemy or reconciliation with close people. Yellow snakes can also lead to unpleasant encounters with insincere and crafty people in real life.

Yellow animals in dreams are a signal to man for fear and increased caution to new suspicious acquaintances.

Snakes can dream of troubles and worries for a man; also such images in dreams can indicate a predisposition to non-standard sexual orientation.

To what a snake can dream, the idiomatic dream book responds - aggression and cunning, anger and duplicity.

Dream of spiritual seekers

Explains snakes in dreams, as a sign of danger from the dark demonic energy. Activation of such energy can lead to incredible destructive processes in the fate of man.

In the female dream book, the snake is always associated with negative phenomena, troubles, deceit. Threatening snake is a sign of remorse, a kind of struggle for existence. Small snakes in a girl's dream can become the forerunners of a large party, whose guests will discuss and slander the hostess behind their backs.

Sleeping snake is associated with the loss of the vigilance of enemies. At such a moment, enemies can develop a plan for a new attack. Kodlo snake is a very bad sign. He can testify about the terrible intentions of the surrounding enemies who want the worst sleeping person.

The bite of a dead snake is hypocrisy and insult from the comrades and close friends of a woman or girl. Animals stinging each other indicate that the woman herself will deliver a malicious blow to close people. Killing a predator in a dream is a good sign. Victory in a difficult battle will be ensured, you will be able to overcome all the difficulties on the way to achieving the goal. Russian dream book identifies the snake with various concepts. This may be the traditional deceit, anger, hatred and hypocrisy. It can also mean wisdom and life experience.

Gypsy dream book

A snake is dreaming - what it is for, the serpent associates with slyness, anger, meanness and hatred. The image of the snake can also be regarded as seduction and seduction. Crawling snakes can be a very bad sign for the dreamer. Disease, imprisonment, slyness and envy - this is what a snake carries in dreams. Killing an animal in a dream indicates jubilation and victory over difficulties that have long been enemies and foes.

In the dream book of the witch Medea, the symbol of the snake is an image of the sexual, spiritual, vital energy of a person. Dark forces in dreams have a detrimental effect on life. Snakes in a dream can sting and release their poison - this is the worst outcome of events, which can carry a serious illness and even death. A snake bite can also symbolize treacherous painful for the dreamer. Boa on the philosophy of Medea - is the devilish sign of temptation.

Family dream explains the image of a quiet snake in a dream - the upcoming difficult and painstaking work, which will require a great deal of effort and energy. Work in this case will not bring the desired result. A snake crawling along the road is interference from people from the environment, someone wants to thwart your plans. In a Ukrainian dream book, snake bites in a dream can lead to quarrels, conflicts and all sorts of troubles.To see an animal in a dream - means that a person needs to beware of detractors in his immediate environment. A bloody serpent in a dream is an enemy who skillfully disguises.

The twenty-first century dream

treats what a snake can dream in part through the prism of associations. To dream of a snake in your own home is to have big troubles and hardships during your absence from the dwelling. Snake in the bosom is the prerequisite for the development of great fame, good reputation and an influential position.

Snakes stinging each other is a sign that the man himself will deal a nasty blow to his surroundings. To feel the entanglement of a snake around the body - to feel your own helplessness and weakness in real life.

According to the moon, a serpent dreams - what is it, crushed in a dream - is a symbol of recovery. The image of a healthy and strong snake is a previous disease.

Dream Vanga interprets the appearance of a snake in a dream, as an enemy who, after long preparations and the cold war, decided to strike openly with a strong blow. An aggressive and poisonous snake symbolizes an enemy who, by the presence of forces, will have advantages over the dreamer.But the non-poisonous snake is a good sign, it indicates that you will be able to wrap the intrigues of the detractor against his interests.

The snake that wraps around the neck of a person in a dream is a sign that you will have to be the first to know about the terrible ailment of a person who is related by blood.

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