Soap Bubble Starter

Materials required and tools

knife,   scissors,   ruler,   thick cardboard (used in books and folders, thickness about a millimeter),   glue gun,   corrugated cardboard,   sleeve from sticky roller for ikea clothing,   spindle from CDs,   motor from player or  CD-ROM

, fan 120*120mm,  scotch,   thin food wrap,   compass, pencil,   gum for money,   6 bottles with soap bubbles,   4 screws with gadgets

Device Description

A motor from a player with the help of a pasik, the role of which is played by an elastic band for money, rotates a roller of a three-stage reducer, which in turn rotates a receiving roller made of two compact discs,the gap between them is filled with glue gun glue. The roller through the sleeve rotates the compact disc with plastic rings pasted on it, which are dipping into the bath with solution rushing in front of the fan, which blows out the bubbles. The design can be easily understood from the photo below.

Fan power from 12V. power motor from 5V. Both voltages can be taken from the molex power supply connector of the computer. 12V yellow wire, 5B red.

Rollers gear. are made of cardboard, staples are used as axes.

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