Solarium: how to sunbathe?

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Solarium: how to sunbathe?

With the invention of tanning beds to wait for the summer to get a beautiful and even tan is not necessary. Now you can become the owner of a golden skin at any time of the year. However, in addition to the benefits, tanning beds can also do harm, and this most often comes from not knowing the elementary rules of this procedure. Experts advise:

  • To visit the solarium no more than 50 times a year. To conduct a course of 8-10 procedures (a break between them is two days, a break between courses is not less than a month).
  • Limit the time spent in the solarium 10-15 minutes. If tanning is thus taken for the first time, the residence time in the booth should be reduced to 5 minutes and increased gradually.

You will find more useful material in the article of our resource How long should you tan in a tanning salon?

Types of tanning salons

When you visit a solarium, you will have to choose which one to choose - vertical or horizontal. Choose the best will be difficult, because ideally they should be alternated.This is explained by the fact that, depending on the position, the body of the person takes a tan in different ways, therefore, to obtain a uniform skin tone, both types of tanning beds should be visited. Each of them has its strengths.

Benefits of a horizontal tanning bed

  • Sunbathing in such a solarium is more comfortable, you can lie down and relax, not forgetting to turn from time to time.
  • Horizontal tanning beds are equipped with tanning lamps for the face, the power of which can be adjusted.
  • Feet in a horizontal tanning bed tan more evenly than in the vertical.

Benefits of Vertical Tanning Beds

  • Vertical tanning beds are considered more hygienic, since there is practically no contact with the skin of a tanner. Although this problem in horizontal tanning beds is solved by disinfection after each visitor, but it is better to do it yourself, in order to surely protect yourself from getting a skin infection.
  • In a vertical solarium, the sides sunbathe more effectively, you can also make movements and even dance to the music, and the tan in motion always lays smoother.
  • Another advantage is the power of the lamps.In a vertical solarium, their throughput is higher, so the maximum time per procedure here is limited to 12-15 minutes, as compared with 20 minutes. in horizontal unit.

However, in order to visit a solarium, both vertical and horizontal, is beneficial, you must properly prepare for the tanning procedure.

Preparation for the solarium

Step 1

Determine the phototype of your skin, it will help to choose an individual program of sessions. Take care of the availability of special cosmetics for tanning and cotton linen.

Step 2

Cleanse your skin with a scrub. Just do not use the product with fruit acids - after exposure to chemical peeling tan will not be persistent. It is better to use an ordinary scrub, which consists of finely ground apricot kernels. The procedure should be performed two days before visiting the solarium.

Step 3

Take a medical examination for chronic diseases and other contraindications to visit the solarium. You do not need unexpected health problems.

Step 4

Remove jewelry and contact lenses. Before going to the solarium, do not use cosmetics and perfumes.If you have tattoos on your body, then these places should be closed and not exposed to UV light.

Also, do not be amiss the application of the three rules to get a good and lasting tan.

Three rules for a good tan

Rule number 1

Before registering for the course, check with the owner of the tanning salon, how long ago he changed the lamps. If the term is impressive, then you'd better look for another tanning bed, otherwise you risk getting only exposure, left without a tan. So, if after 2-3 procedures there were practically no changes on the skin, then the lamps in this tanning bed have not changed for a long time.

Rule number 2

You can not take a shower directly in front of the solarium, so the skin is deprived of natural protection and may suffer, and also immediately after - risk “wash off” the tan, it will not appear properly. After the peeling procedure, it is recommended to visit the solarium not earlier than in a month.

Rule number 3

It is necessary to use special cosmetics. Funds applied to the skin before the procedure, will allow you to get an even lasting tan with minimal effort. In addition, they will serve as protection from the slightest harm.On this topic we recommend reading the article How to best sunbathe: Tanning in a tanning bed.


Solarium visits are contraindicated:

  • Pregnant women.
  • Children up to 18 years.
  • People with a large number of moles on the body.
  • With diseases of the blood, heart and blood vessels, high blood pressure, as well as suffering from diseases of the thyroid gland.
  • Patients with a malignant tumor.

Given this information, you can visit the solarium without harm to health and enjoy the procedure itself and its results.

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