Some great ideas how to decorate a bedroom in winter

patterns, and slowly falling snow mesmerizing eyes. Now I do not really want to go out again, freeze. The bedroom has evolved from a simple place to rest in the most comfortable, cozy and lovely place on Earth.

I want to come back here so much! And to make the room even more beautiful, harmonious, we want to share with you useful tips on how to decorate a bedroom with exquisite trifles! Take note of interesting winter ideas, because this is a time of magic and warmth!

1. Knitted plaids

Merino wool became a hit last season and does not lose its popularity this year! From it not only elegant wardrobe details and accessories are knitted, but also delightful rugs. Large knitting instantly helps to plunge into the atmosphere of home warmth, comfort.

Such rugs are very beautiful, stylish, warm. It's great if you can also get or tie up chic pillow covers like a sweater with it.This is an amazingly delicate combination!

By the way, knitted details are very successfully combined with small woven baskets, which are very popular this season. In them you can keep a variety of trinkets - from cosmetics, jewelry to clothing, accessories.

2. Garlands

These small, flickering lights literally in a second are able to cheer us up and make the room delightfully cozy. Hang a grid of light bulbs on the window, and you can please not only yourself and the household, but also passers-by who will be charged positive, looking at your magnificent window. Or you can make a canopy of transparent, light fabric, over which solid-colored light bulbs will glow.

3. Candles

Autumn and winter cause apathy and lack of cheerfulness only among those who create the wrong environment around them. It would seem that generally can change a few lit candles in the room? A lot: your mood. Try it.

Find exactly those candles that you will like the most, it is better to choose aromatic - to create the appropriate mood. And do not wait for a holiday to light them - do it every day! Include relaxing music and enjoy soft flicker, pleasant light.This is a great way to get rid of stress and get positive.

4. Carpets

Designers are not advised to lay a large carpet that covers the entire floor because it makes cleaning difficult. But in the winter, we believe, you can afford a slightly irrational act and lay on the floor a beautiful, fluffy, warm carpet, on which you will be so pleased to become upon waking! Such a detail can quickly turn a room and make it as comfortable as possible.

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