Spots melt before our eyes, if you display them like this

The appearance of stains on clothes is an everyday thing. And if the spot is "delivered," it is better to start its liquidation as soon as possible. Stain remover at hand may not be, although, by and large, it is not always necessary. There are a lot of interesting ways to do that turned out to be at hand. Among the most effective here are some.

Spots from berries and juices are easy to remove with ordinary boiling water. Thing you need to put in a bowl or even pull over it, and then pour boiling water until it disappears. The stain will literally melt before your eyes. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for all types of fabric.

Fresh blood stains can easily be removed by placing a stain under running cold water. If necessary, the place of contamination can be slightly rubbed, but the use of soap is taboo. The presence of alkali will lead to the presence of stains.

Old blood stains can be easily controlled with peroxide and aspirin. It is enough to dissolve the tablets in water in a 1: 1 ratio and wet the right place, and after a while stretch it. The method is also good for cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture. Aspirin peroxide will also help with stains from sweat. In this case, after processing, you need to wash the thing with soap.

Difficult to remove oil stains will no longer be a problem if you use regular school chalk to remove them. It must be crushed, sprinkled with a stain and left for 1 hour, and then stretched the thing with ordinary household soap.

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