Stars who managed to beat cancer

There are several stars from which you can and should take an example in perseverance and love of life. These celebrities were not afraid to join the fight against a serious illness, to go through exhausting treatment, to return to their fans, re-engage in creativity and say "I won the cancer."

De Niro did not give up and the disease receded
De Niro did not give up and the disease receded

The world famous Hollywood starRoberta de niroprostate cancer was detected. According to a spokesman for Robert De Niro, cancer was detected at an early stage during an ordinary examination.

Doctors rushed to make a reservation that, given the age of the actor, the chances of a full recovery are not great.

But De Niro did not give up - he agreed to a course of treatment, but flatly refused to take care of himself and quit his job. The actor lived with a terrible diagnosis and in spite of everything enjoyed life.

And fate rewarded Robert - in the end, the disease subsided.

Famous cyclistLance armstrongdiagnosed with cancer in 1996.

The disease was detected at a late stage: during the examination, oncologists also found metastases in the abdominal cavity, lungs and brain.

Armstrong underwent several operations and chemotherapy courses. And the disease receded - one day the attending physician reported that the athlete was not showing signs of illness. After recovery, the rider was able to win the Tour de France seven times in a row.

Former lovers Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow went through the same tests.
Former lovers Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow went through the same tests.

Do rock singerMelissa Etheridgediscovered breast cancer in October 2004 with Melissa.

Etheridge went through two operations that prevented the spread of the tumor and the damage to the lymph nodes, after which she was prescribed chemotherapy.

Because of the drug alone, the stars lost their fingers, and Etheridge was close to giving up and stopping the treatment.

Fortunately, chemotherapy suddenly gave positive results.

In February 2005, the singer appeared at the Grammy ceremony. For the sake of healing, she had to sacrifice her gorgeous blond hair, but how could it bother someone when a man defeated a deadly disease.

“... I had cancer. I went through chemotherapy and now I'm bald. But I'm still in the ranks, and I believe that I can be a rock star forever! ”Melissa told reporters that evening.

American singerSheryl Crow(Sheryl Crow) was diagnosed with breast cancer. Shortly before, Cheryl broke up with her boyfriend Lance Armstrong and was in a very depressed state.

Kylie never stopped believing and won
Kylie never stopped believing and won

But Crowe found the strength to undergo surgery and a debilitating course of radiotherapy. The disease has receded.

Immediately after the healing, the singer decided to change her life and adopted the baby. Today, the diva often repeats that what happened has helped her to take a fresh look at her life values.

In the spring of 2005, the favorite of millions, Kylie Minogue, was forced to cancel her shows as part of a world tour - she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Kylie underwent surgery.

Then painful radiotherapy sessions and a cycle of chemotherapy began, as a result of which the singer lost weight and lost most of her hair, which was why she had to cut them very shortly.

Doctors from the very beginning did not guarantee the Australian star, but Kylie did not stop believing and eventually won. In 2006, she recovered.

In Australia, on one of the squares of Melbourne, a bronze statue of the singer was tied up in a sign that from now on she became not only a national heroine, but also a symbol of optimism, love of life and the will to win over difficulties.

Patrick Swayze intends to fight to the last
Patrick Swayze intends to fight to the last

In early 2008, the world shuddered at the sad news - pancreatic cancer was discovered in the famous actor Patrick Swayze.

Surprisingly, even the doctors didn’t behaved unprofessionally and, as they say, gave up, admitting their helplessness - allegedly, the disease was detected at a too late stage and the cancer managed to hit vital organs.

Some experts have gone so far as to predict the actor's death within a few months.

Patrick alone did not give up. In each interview, the actor repeated that he would fight to the last; he, as if from principle, in spite of all, did not quit smoking.

In April, doctors discovered that the affected cells in the actor’s body became much smaller.

Patrick continued the treatment and took on a new role in the new television series of an American TV channel.

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