Stylish and warm winter jackets for everyone (9 photos)

At any time of the year, you want to look stylish and unique, and in the cold - also comfortable and cozy, as Russian winters sometimes let the Russian person understand what mother nature is capable of, you have to wrap up and warm yourself in full.

When it is completely cold, it becomes not at all up to style and beauty, I want to warm up first of all and nothing more. But, whatever it is, even in the coldest and most uncomfortable time you can look stylish and bright, but at the same time stay warm, that's what winter jackets can help us with.

Bright jackets for winter

At its core, the jacket is clothes for active people who are not afraid and like constant movement, in general this is a pretty practical dress style, but which can easily be combined with absolutely different fashion trends.

Of course, outerwear always costs a lot of money, unfortunately, there's nothing you can do if you want a quality and durable thing, you have to spend money, but having bought a really standing jacket, you can go 10-15 years in it!

Rather, it will go out of fashion than to wear, although such models usually have a classical direction, and the classics, as is known, does not age.

In this version will be warm

It is believed that the best, warmest and best quality down jackets are sewn in Canada, the newest technologies are observed there, the lining is packed with the best eiderdowns, they are exported all over the world, although their quality is indicated by their price, such happiness can be dispensed with in several thousand dollars.

Of course, the average citizen of our country is unlikely to be able to afford such a thing, but this, too, seems to us unnecessary.

The main natural materials

In specialized stores you can buy fashionable winter jackets, for men, women or for teenagers, at a fair price and very good quality. Therefore, we advise you to go exactly there in search of your future "greenhouse".

By the way, it is not always necessary to complain about the manufacturer in this business, the opponents of the "Chinese" products should relax a little, their products are not always as bad as we are presented, here, most importantly, responsibly approach the choice of the product, do not fail with quality and then you can be sure you have acquired a standing thing.

And how to choose a jacket that you can bring in more than one season, we will help you figure it out, and of course, we will not forget about fashion.

What should be a jacket for the winter?

First of all, you have to decide for yourself what kind of jacket you want, because the variety of models, in fact, is great, when you come to the store, you just get lost. Think carefully, for what purpose you choose this thing.

For example, fur jackets are, of course, the warmest and frost-resistant, but at the same time, quite expensive. More simply, this is an option from beaver fur, more prestigious ones - these are twists from mink or sable fur, everyone can taste here.

For lovers of sports style

The main thing in this case is not to be mistaken with the choice of fur, because cunning sellers often give out a dyed rabbit for a mink, and instead of a silver fox, they easily slip a cross between a fox and a fox.

Be careful, when viewing such a product, the fur should not remain on your hands, and traces of paint should not soil your hands.

Another warm and practical option is a down-padded coat, which is very comfortable, modern and, importantly, affordable, although, of course, it can be different. The price of such a product, most often, will depend on the filler - natural or artificial.

Of natural fillers, the fluff of a white or gray goose is appreciated. To check the filler, it is enough to squeeze a part of the jacket in your hand, if the fluff is real, the jacket will return about 70% of the original volume, and the longer it will recover, the better. The synthetic version is also quite tolerable, but in a natural thing it will still be warmer.

For those who love white

Absolutely wrong those people who believe that the winter jacket can not be leather, it is very vain, because the models trimmed with fur and accompanied by natural podstezhkami - a very warm and stylish option.

Here the main thing is not to make a mistake with the undercoat, so as not to freeze, it is better to choose options from calf or sheep skin, in such a thing you can feel the softness of the fur and the warmth of natural materials.

Pay attention to the elasticity and smoothness of the skin, no damage, the seams should be neat, and the inner lining should be easy to unfasten, then you will have two jackets - demi-season and winter.

Look at the quality of the fur with which the jacket is sheathed, it is better that it is natural, and to distinguish it is quite simple: set the fur on the jacket on fire from the jacket, if it burns quickly, then you have a natural product.

For a bright winter

When you have decided on the type of jacket, you can now go to small details: pay attention to the hardware, the self-respecting manufacturer will not save on such important points.

Lightning must function smoothly, without jerks and drops, because such movements can easily damage the material of the product. The same goes for buttons and buttons; the owner of such a product should not make excessive efforts to open them, risking damage to the fittings and the material of the jacket.

Leather option

If you still decide to opt for products of famous brands, then carefully check the labels and labels with which things go, “pirated” copies are quite common, even in very good stores.

By the way, if there is no opportunity to buy an expensive jacket, but I really want to try a branded thing from Adidas or, for example, Nike, then you can go on sales, where the price of such jackets sometimes falls twice, or even three times!

The point is not that the jacket is bad, it’s just from the past collection and, this season, is considered unfashionable, but as you know, fashion is a capricious lady, and quality is quality. Typically, branded items can only be purchased in retail stores, sometimes they are attached with whole books on these products, and even a few.

Stylish and tasteful

Styles, models, colors of fashionable winter jackets

Of course, but among female models, fur jackets are very popular, and patchwork versions of natural colors and shades are especially loved.

Another trend of the season is women's sheepskin coats, in spite of their relatively short appearance, they are very warm and comfortable, practical to wear and can easily be combined with both casual and casual wear.

For the most stylish

Jackets also do not give up their positions, these comfortable and very warm options come in very different lengths - from the shortest to the middle of the thigh. Most often supplied with a wide belt at the waist to look sophisticated and feminine in such a volumetric product.

As for men's products, there are jackets, almost the most favorite creation for the winter season. Nowadays, a combination of various textures and fabrics, leather, fur, velor, raincoats or bolonies is very popular.

Popular sports styles remain popular, do not depart from the favorite classic options, with or without a belt.The most popular length of men's jackets is from the belt and just below it, the color component is closer to the natural and dark, but still there are lovers of bright and juicy products.

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