Such a meta-meta: what is the popularity of the Coin?

She is called the voice of the Z generation. She is spontaneous, childish and ironic. With a fragile voice, simple motifs, lyrics that are not clear how to sing to someone other than her. However, they sing, and how. If you follow the #tag tag on Instagram, you can hear how the girls thin their voices, pulling Coeta’s beautiful metaphor:

If I’ve been paid every time,
Every time I think about you,
I would be homeless near the slopes
I would become the poorest of people.

What is it about her that not only the young VKontakte audience, but also the Facebook creative class have become her fans?

Publication from Sveta R (@ a030aa)4 Jun 2018 at 2:19 pdt

In Monetochka, the fascination of Renata Litvinova (and even "this is the same") and the speech, full of natural slang, around her rappers and fleurs of easy quick glory. It is, of course, a network phenomenon, the same as Nikolai Voronov with his delightful “White Dragonfly of Love”. Only if Voronov did not develop the role of a geek who sings banalities about love, then Monetochka still clearly has something to say.And even linguist Michael Krongauz in his facebook discusses the lines of her songs. In her texts - awkwardness and absurdity, freshness and fearlessness ("They have unisex, and we have kvass, iconostasis, Mikhailov Stas", "Mom left to go to the hut, dad got Kalash from the safe. He says that Crimea is not ours, I say ours! ”). As sharply as she sometimes is, only rappers can cut us. And now, too, the Monetochka, such a pop, is such a dance.

From her early ironic tracks, the quotes that go to memes are easily pulled out: “I am such a post, I am such a meta-meta,” “In the real world, I’m not very good, and here I’m sweetheart and nyashka”, “Kohl you are a man, be a man and on the Internet with a huge mouse of justice in his hand. " These songs - a witty prank, a joke with a trick.

Coin was benefited by working with musician and producer Viktor BTSH Isaev, who made the perfect soundtrack for the film “Carry” - “The Last Disco” - and the whole album “Coloring for Adults”. This album is more mature, something different, serious, aching, even scary is coming to light. There both about death and her fear (“Kumushki”), there about loneliness and old age (“Your name”), and about a special way of Russia (“Russian ark”), and about love, of course (remember “Zaporozhets”) :

All the dogs returned home, all the children were found here.
Now forever good, the reason is you.
I want to sit with you. Hug, take, eat,
Just grind into powder and sniff out the whole

As for Coin, as was once about the same Renata Litvinova, the question arises: is she as she is, not done? Maybe Coin is a product, not a person, and its infantilism is thought out, and spontaneity is intentional? But even in live interviews, Liza Monetochka is exactly like this - with the Ural style of cramming more words into a phrase than she can hold, with childishness, irony, excitement, sudden bursts of sincerity that does not fit into showbiz. She's only twenty. The coin is not a demonstrator or a voice of a generation, but a voice. Her helplessness, simple little dress in a flower, nonsense on her head - a cleverly chosen position for talking on any topic, from the Crimea to loneliness and maturity.

Unless, of course, youth can be a position.

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