The Ladybug Tack

Such a nice tack "Ladybird" will not only become an indispensable assistant in the cooking process, but also make the interior of any kitchen more vivid, attractive. This tack is easy to crochet. It is perfect as a gift to mother, grandmother, sister. The density of tack depends on the density of the threads used. I have - pure cotton thread. For knitting we need 100 g of pure cotton thread of pink color, as well as the remnants of thread of black color. We use hook number 3. We start by tying 7 air loops, closing the chain and knitting 16 rows in a column without a crochet. We knit the first three rows with a single crochet by adding an extra loop through one. 4-6 rows we also knit with a single crochet column, adding loops through 3 loops. 7-9 rows knit with a single crochet column, adding additional loops through 5 main loops. 10-16 rows knit, adding loops through 8 main loops. Next, tie a black thread and knit 19 columns without single crochet. We unfold the work and start knitting, but not with the first loop, but with the second, thus removing one loop.We tie the row to the end, unfold the work and, again removing the first loop, knit the row to the end. So we knit 8 rows, removing one loop at a time. We knit together back
Next we knit a loop. To do this, knit 18 air loops from the last loop and tie the last loop to the other end. Expand the work and tie one row with a column without a crochet.
 knit cow head
Knit back. To do this, we knit 23 air loops, unfold the work and knit a row with a single crochet. But do not tie the last noose. We expand the work and knit the next row, starting with the second loop. We also continue to knit, removing loops. Until one loop remains. We knit 36 ​​air loops and close the last one.
Knitting circles. We knit 4 air loops, close the chain and knit 3 rows with a single crochet, adding 1 loop every 2. These circles are needed 6.
At the end we sew all the details and get beautiful ladybug tack.

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