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What is the meaning of dreams about teeth?

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What dreams about teeth
What dreams about teeth

The value of teeth on the Meridian

If in a dream you see that a baby tooth drops out of a baby, then this is a sign of a new undertaking, acquaintance or purchase. If the non-indigenous tooth falls out of your child, then in the future you will make a nasty mistake.

If you dream of beautiful and healthy teeth - you expect good events and changes for the better. If in a dream you notice painful or twisted teeth, then in reality you will encounter numerous petty troubles, gossip.

To dream of teeth that are crumbling, then in reality you are in trouble, with which you will try to cope. If you make an effort, you can cope with the circumstances.

If you see a loose tooth in a dream, then you will have to make serious changes. The situation may be difficult for you, you need to be ready to make a choice. If a tooth staggers, but it looks quite healthy, then circumstances may change for the better and the trouble will not affect you.If a tooth staggers ahead, then trouble can happen to one of the children.

If in a dream you clean your teeth - in a dream book about teeth, this is a sign that you are sensible about the situation, you are ready for trouble, you know what you can do to resolve the conflict. If you brush already yellowed and unhealthy teeth - you are trying to improve your reputation. If the cleaning procedure dreams of a man in love - in the near future he will have a successful date.

If in a dream you are treating your teeth or have visited the dental office - you are ready to cope with unpleasant moments while awake, you adequately respond to difficulties and to meet people who cause unpleasant emotions in you. If in a dream the doctor establishes a filling on a painful tooth, it means that the problem in reality will soon be resolved, you will create a sequence in your affairs. If you bleach tooth enamel, then you are waiting for new acquaintances, dates, new plans for gifts.

What does it mean to see teeth in a dream: decoding according to Aesop's dream book

What dreams about the teeth - in numerous dream books of the world it is said about the upcoming large-scale changes in the present life.In the east, the person’s years are still predetermined according to his dental health. In some wild Indian tribes, a person with healthy teeth cannot be sent to the valley of death. The teeth seen in a dream have a different interpretation, they have a different omen. In ancient times, it was believed that teeth are a sign of stiffness, stability and satiety.

If in a dream you were bitten by a stranger or you felt pain similar to a bite, it expresses your heartache.

If, in a dream, you notice how a new tooth is growing, then you gain confidence in the struggle against the many life's difficulties.

Rotten and sore teeth mean feeling unwell, yours or close friend.

If in a dream the tooth fell out or was lost - you are waited by unjustified expectations and recognitions. If bleeding remains after a tooth, it is a sign of illness or death.

What dreams of artificial teeth? This means that you too often take into account the opinions of others, follow the execution of other people's plans.

If you have a bad tooth removed in a dream, but in reality you can cope with the solution of urgent problems, make the right decision.

Dream interpretation of teeth according to the interpretation of the Small Veles

Are you dreaming about teeth? If you dream of missing teeth - a symbol of illness or death. If a tooth fell out without blood - in the near future, the familiar man will die. A tooth with blood fell out - the health of children is in danger.

In the dream disturbing toothaches - there will be problems in relationships with loved ones or a loved one.

If you find a hole in the tooth - some of your friends will betray you, not sincere with you. It is possible that the same person will intrigue you and gossip behind your back.

The wisdom teeth according to the dream book is a sign that you are in harmony with yourself and those around you. You have enough intelligence, moral support, and confidence to cope with troubles.

If you dreamed your teeth in braces - your family ties or love relationships are stable, nothing foreshadows troubles and financial losses.

The emergence of a new tooth according to the dream book - the appearance of a child in itself, pregnancy.

Beautiful and healthy teeth - a sign of your youth, good health and good beginnings.

If in a dream you feel a toothache - in reality, you or your loved ones are waiting for a protracted illness.

Broke a tooth in a dream or see yourself toothless - financial loss, lack of money, which can last for quite some time.

The interpretation of the dream of the teeth according to the female dream book

Spit out your teeth - promises the disease of your loved ones.

If in a dream you met a toothless person, then in reality you can expect trouble, meeting a person who will create for you a large number of burdens.

Crumbing teeth in a dream - a bad omen, which means a lot of trouble, which is closely related to your health and well-being.

If you dream to clean your teeth in a dream, you need to be prepared for a prolonged confrontation for your own peace of mind, healthy well-being and your beloved.

To see in a dream unhealthy teeth, in which there are flaws, crooked or yellow - means lack of money, crushing of hopes and desires. Most likely, you will find nervous exhaustion and depression.

If a tooth broke in a dream, then a quarrel with a close friend or a loved one is waiting for you.

What does the dream of spiritual seekers mean?

To see your teeth in a dream means hidden aggression, a sign promises you little good, foreshadows unpleasant collisions and controversial situations.

If you lose your teeth in a dream, you will lose your savings or no one will appreciate your work.

If your teeth crumble in a dream - your health may change in the near future, you are threatened with a disease.

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