How to lubricate the pies?

Vladimir Doneshko
Vladimir Doneshko
July 27, 2012
How to lubricate the pies?

Delicious homemade pastries pleases both the taste and smell, and if the housewife makes a beautiful glaze, the cakes themselves are asked in the mouth at one glance at them. Knowing how to smear the patties before baking, they can be made not only much more attractive, but also improve the taste of the crust. Let's see what methods are used homemade mistress.

  • Egg. Glazing of eggs is the most common, it is suitable for any kind of dough. Pies can be lubricated with an egg mixed with milk or water, with or without added sugar. The most intense color and bright gloss gives egg yolk. You can lubricate and whipped protein.
  • Tea. Glazing of tea is used if there is a desire to get a ruddy crust without gloss. For half a cup of strong tea tea leaves, 3 spoons of sugar are added, the patties are smeared with the cooled composition. You can also add a tablespoon of flour to the sweet brew, but the consistency remains liquid. The color will be bright and matte.
  • Warm milk. They can brush with a brush any pastry just before it is ready.If sweet buns are baked, some sugar can be added to the milk. The crust will turn out shiny and appetizing.
  • Yolk-oil mixture. If you are thinking about how to smear the patties so that the crust is at the same time bright, glossy and soft, grind one tablespoon of soft butter and two yolks and use this mixture.
  • Water. The easiest way is to slightly moisten the finished baking with ordinary water. The crust will become softer and slightly change color.

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