The 10 longest films in the history of cinematography

The modern spectator is so sophisticated with various movies that he can hardly be surprised by anything. But believe me, there are still non-standard personalities in the ranks of directors who, despite all the rules, produce their own cinema, surprising not only with the original storyline or lack of it, but with the shocking duration of the picture. We are sure that your mouths will open in surprise when you browse through our Top 10 of the longest tapes created by cinematographers.


Duration: 857 hours (37 days)

Today it is the longest film in the history of cinema. The creators of the picture, Eric Magnusson and Daniel Andersson decided to show the chronological process of its production on one small electronic subject, only in reverse order. They took a pedometer and went with it from Sweden to China, where it was released. In the film there is no installation, and all events are captured in real time.

"Modernity forever"

Duration: 240 hours (10 days)

The documentary was created by the art group Superflex in 2011 and was shown as part of the IHME art festival held in Helsinki. The picture was broadcast on a street screen in the city center for ten days.

The multistory building Stora Enso (the headquarters of the timber industry company of the same name), which slowly collapses over a long time, until humanity is gradually dying out on earth, appears before the audience.


Duration: 196 hours (8 days)

The title of the longest unfinished film claims the tape "Cinematon", which has been filmed by the French director Gerard Courant for more than 37 years. The picture consists of almost three thousand silent short episodes with a duration of three and a half minutes.

The heroes of the etudes are eminent directors, actors, journalists, artists, and just Courant's friends, each of whom has been doing anything for the time allotted. For example, English director Terry Gilliam ate a banknote during filming.

Also in the film were Russian stars, among which you can see actress Inna Churikova, director Sergei Parajanov, writer Yulian Semenov and others.

"Untitled # 125" (Hickory)

Duration: 150 hours (6 days)

The basis for the plot of the film was the children's fairy tale "The Wizard of Oz", in one of the parts of which there is a tornado that led to the reincarnation of the heroine Dorothy. Despite the fact that the episode itself lasts only a few minutes, the director was able to stretch this action for 6 days. He compares this technique with dreams in which long life events take place, although in reality they last for moments.


Duration: 95 hours (4 days)

The premiere of the documentary film "Matryoshka" by German film director Karin Herler was held at the Luminel 2006 festival in Frankfurt am Main. The film is a photograph alternating with each other, depicting a boy riding a bicycle, the same street, residential buildings, garages and the sky. Throughout the film, the pictures change a little, but for the average viewer these transformations are completely invisible.

"A cure for insomnia"

Duration: 87 hours (3.5 days)

“A cure for insomnia” for nineteen years was considered the longest film until the movie “Matryoshka” was released on screens in 2006. This record was registered with the Guinness Book of Records.Throughout the tape, which lasts three and a half days, film actor Lee Groban reads a poem. Periodically the story is interrupted by pornographic stories and clips in the style of "rock music". The creators of the picture hoped that after viewing it, people suffering from insomnia could get rid of it.

"The longest and meaningless film in the world"

Duration: 48 hours (2 days)

This unusual film, filmed in the underground genre by English director Anthony Scott, was first shown to the viewer in 1968. The title of the tape fully justifies the storyline, which is simply missing. The author of the picture mixed in his brainchild commercials, cutting various films that were not shown on the screens and other “cinematic trash”. Periodically, the picture on the screen turns upside down or the action begins to occur backwards.


Duration: 15 hours

The film "Berlin-Alexanderplatz", filmed in 1980 by German director Rainer Fassbinder, is considered to be the longest feature film, and not in vain in our top list.

The viewer, through the efforts of the creators of the tape, is transferred to Germany of the 20s of the twentieth century.The film shows the story of a pimp and thief Franz Biberkopf, who, after four years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend, is released and decides to become an honest person. However, it is not so easy to be a decent citizen in a country where crime and unemployment flourish.

The picture was taken from the work of the same name by Alfred Deblin, in 2007 its renovated version was released. Judging by the enthusiastic reviews of the audience, the director Fasbinder managed to create on the screen an interesting and exciting plot worthy of the original source.


Duration: 14 hours 30 minutes

This documentary by English director Peter Watkins has been shooting for several years in different parts of the world. The picture presents a global perspective on the horrendous consequences that arise after the application of military nuclear technology. In parallel, shows about this dangerous weapon of ordinary people. In "Journey" reveals the secrets of the production of atomic weapons and the multi-million dollar cost of it.

"Beyond 1: Do not touch your hands"

Duration: 12 hours 53 minutes

The plot is based on the story of thirteen by Honore de Balzac. The film consists of eight one-hundred-minute episodes that simultaneously develop, but are almost not connected, and they all revolve around one mysterious organization called "13". Director Jacques Rivet created an unusual picture with bizarre editing, strange cinematographic technique and eccentric characters.

That ended our list, consisting of the longest movies. Perhaps you did not know that there are such original tapes and now you want to see some of them, or maybe everything. And we can only wish a good time and vivid impressions of what he saw.

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