The benefits and harms of riding

Horses are beautiful and proud animals that have always amazed a person with their natural grace and beauty, but, in spite of this, they have become true and good friends for man since ancient times. Horse riding is a new concept, but treatment with its help has only recently been recognized as an official method of treating many human diseases, and this method is called hippotherapy.

In Europe and the USA, it has been used for quite some time, for example, in the USA there are about 1000 such centers, in Poland there are about 60, and in the UK about 700, where a huge number of people successfully undergo treatment.

Great hobby

In fact, the method of treating seriously ill people by communicating with such a strong, kind and large animal has existed since time immemorial. Even Hippocrates in his teachings argued that patients are much easier and faster to recover if they begin to ride.

He prescribed melancholics with great confidence because he believed that all sorts of maneuvers and jogging contributed to improving the mood and attuned to positive thinking.

In fact, communication with such an animal develops coordination, undoubtedly improves the physical form, not to mention the psychological aspect that helps get rid of many known ailments and problems.

How it works?

To understand the essence of the question, it is necessary to understand what is hippotherapy? In simple terms, it is a direct contact with the horse, which affects immediately on two levels: psychological and physical, it is transmitted at the expense of the stay on horseback and, of course, from an unforgettable conversation with such a trusting animal.

Perfectly fits

Riding is recommended for almost everyone, children and adults, especially those who spend a lot of time at the computer or sitting. Such communication allows you to relieve psychological stress and relieves stress, and also minimizes its detrimental effects.

A person, being on horseback, unconsciously submits to each of her movements, at the subconscious level, feeling an acute dependence on such a seemingly strong, but at the same time fragile, support.

During horse riding, man and animal, in fact, become one, partners,who learn to listen to each other, feel the need for mutual understanding, which teaches the person, subsequently, to find a level of harmony with the surrounding world.

Horseback riding is an excellent method for the development of children, especially this applies to sullen, uncommunicative and backward children who have considerable difficulties in communicating with their peers.

What diseases can you cope with?

The fact is that hippotherapy is not just a method of treatment, it is a great opportunity to make a friend who is deprived of all human “minuses” - envy, selfishness, anger, rivalry, and so on. Such therapy will also help with such severe ailments as asthenic neurosis, autism, Duchenne myopathy, as well as other sensory disorders.

Communicating with such kind and tender animals, the patient is liberated at the subconscious level, which reduces the number of various phobias and unreasonable fears, deprives inhibition and causes the need to communicate with other people.

Cute creature

Closed and unsociable children, sitting on a horse and looking around at everything around them, gain a sense of self-esteem and pride, losing their uncertainty and fear of communicating with other people.

In addition to children, horse riding is an excellent recreation and the same method of treatment for elderly people, especially this affects physical health. When riding, the horse gives the person about 100 motor impulses in just 1 minute, which causes the human body to constantly obey the new movement, perceiving every new impetus and impulse, which is not so simple!

But such workouts contribute to massage all the internal organs, in addition, all the muscles are constantly relaxed and contract, being in an unstable position. In order not to fall from a horse, a person has to constantly adjust all his movements, which makes it necessary to work practically the whole body, this effect is difficult to achieve in any other sports.

The need to constantly balance the balance forces the vestibular apparatus to train hard, which obliges you to keep your back "flat", eliminating the curve of posture and stoop.

Constant movements made by the horse, “back and forth”, “left-right”, “up-down”, tone up the muscles well, contribute to the improvement of the figure, and also have a positive effect on the work of all human internal organs.

Especially these exercises are effective as prevention of prostatitis in men, as well as various gynecological diseases in the female sex. Also, experts note the fact that the horse's body temperature is 1.5 ° -2 ° higher than that of a human body, which, upon direct contact, produces warming of all the organs of the small pelvis, muscles and joints of the legs.

Our friends

Thus, hippotherapy is indicated for arthrosis of the joints, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, osteochondrosis, scoliosis, kyphosis, as well as other similar illnesses.

Optimal loads during riding contribute to the formation of a strong muscular system around the spine, due to which the blood circulation is normalized and the metabolism in the intervertebral discs returns to normal.

Riding is very useful for those people who undergo a period of rehabilitation after a stroke or heart attack, as well as after operations. Favorable and decisive in such a situation is the fact that the rider’s pulse during horse rides can reach 170 beats per minute, and blood circulation increases 5 or even 10 times!

But with all this increased stress on the heart muscle absent, so hippotherapy is great even for hypertensive patients and cores, of course,subject to the basic safety rules.

This method of treatment is very effective in the pathology of the peripheral and central nervous system, to eliminate the consequences of stroke, with depression and multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and mental retardation.

Contraindications hippotherapy

It is foolish to believe that horse riding is a sport and treatment that suits absolutely everyone, without exception. It is important to know that there are a number of diseases in which equestrian sport is absolutely contraindicated and strictly prohibited. These include:

  • Fragility and fragility of the skeleton.
  • Kidney disease, especially chronic.
  • Acute forms of any diseases (especially neurological and heart disease).
  • Hemophilia.

But the allergy to horse hair, which can arise in an uneasy manner during such exercises, is absolutely safe, experts recommend in that case not to stop, because the result is really bright, and the symptoms of allergy will eventually pass.

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