The best conditioner for the body

Moisturizing is necessary not only for the face, but also for the whole body. But not everyone finds time for it, although if you use air conditioning, the solution to the problem will become simpler and more enjoyable. But how to choose such a tool?

What is body conditioner?

Body conditioner is a care product designed to quickly and effectively moisturize the skin. It is applied after taking a shower and washed off. After the application, as stated by the manufacturers, the skin should instantly moisturize, become smooth, velvety and pleasant to the touch.

How to make a choice?

To choose a suitable conditioner for the body, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Skin type If it is dry, then moisturizing should be deep and intense. If the skin is oily, it does not mean that she does not need moisture. But an air conditioner designed for this type may additionally contain components that regulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands and reduce their activity.
  2. Carefully read the composition.Of course, much you may not understand, but a large number of synthetic additives in any case should alert. But if the product includes natural ingredients, for example, oils, vitamins and others, it will only benefit. At the heart of most of this category are esters, glycerin and petroleum jelly, and these components help to keep moisture in the cells of the dermis and strengthen the natural protective barrier.
  3. Features of the application. Most of the presented conditioners are washable, that is, it requires rinsing after application. But you may be able to find an indelible remedy. Also pay attention to when it is necessary to wash off the composition from the skin: immediately after application (this is the most common option) or after some time.

The best air conditioners

To select the best conditioner for your body, check the rating of the most popular products:

  • Efficient, but very expensive air conditioners are manufactured under the brand “Lush”. The first product is "African Paradise", and it contains such components as moringa, ylang-ylang, shea and baobab oils, as well as aloe vera extract.All of them are mined in Africa and have a moisturizing effect on the skin. This conditioner does not contain preservatives. The composition of another product with the talking name “Roses and Argan” includes argan, almond, Brazil nuts and cocoa oils, as well as goji berries juice and a unique pink jam perfume composition, which gives a unique flavor.
  • One of the first to emerge, and perhaps the most popular tool in this category, is a product of Nivea. It is presented in two versions: the first one has moisturizing properties and is intended for normal skin, and the second one is suitable for the dry type and has an intensive nourishing effect. Both products are applied after a shower gel and applied to damp skin, after which they are washed off. Immediately after use, the body becomes pleasant to the touch, silky and delicate. And immediately after wiping with a towel, you can dress, as there are no traces on the clothes.
  • A less well-known but noteworthy tool is produced in Germany and is marketed under the Eucerin brand. It is also applied after a shower and helps moisturize the skin and retain moisture in its cells, but it is extremely difficult to find such a product even in online stores.
  • The washable body conditioner “Hilaris” is a product of a Japanese cosmetics company that many have already appreciated and tried on themselves. In the composition of only natural and useful components, it does not contain a single product of oil refining. But in the tool you can find several unique natural ingredients. Mushroom siroky is a source of natural hyaluronic acid, necessary for skin elasticity and freshness. Rhodomirth extract provides natural radiance of the skin. Arbutin deeply moisturizes the dermis and gives a feeling of freshness and lightness after application. Lychee oil normalizes pigmentation and gently removes blemishes, leveling skin tone, and also creates a protective barrier that neutralizes the negative effects of ultraviolet rays.
  • Jergens deeply moisturizing conditioner with shea butter provides intensive hydration, eliminates dryness and flaking, fills the derma cells with moisture and helps retain it, provides lasting protection and eliminates feelings of tightness and fatigue, and also restores natural radiance and gives a beautiful light sheen,the content of the smallest light-reflecting particles. The tool is almost instantly absorbed, giving the best feeling and a pleasant subtle scent.
  • "Eveline Argan Oil" is a budget, but quite worthy and noteworthy product. The product has a delicate texture and is quickly applied, it is activated upon contact with water and is easily washed off, giving a feeling of freshness and moisture, but leaving no greasy residue. In addition to saturation with moisture, you also get elasticity and silky, which makes the skin pleasant to touch.
  • The company "Faberlik" produces air conditioners of two series: "My Honey" and "Sunny sea buckthorn". Both of them are easy to apply and wash off, do not leave marks and do an excellent job with their functions.

If you are not yet using body conditioner, be sure to start it to moisturize the skin.

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