The best means for a bath: we reveal secrets

And do not you go to the bath?

Before you plunge into the pool with your head, or rather run for shopping and sauna, let's discuss what it will give us and whether it is possible for everyone (let's say right away - not for everyone).

The Finnish sauna (namely, it is most often present in fitness clubs) is a dry bath with dry hot air. The temperature here is usually 70–100 degrees with a humidity of only 5–20% (while in the steam bath the temperature is from 40 to 60–70 degrees, and the relative humidity reaches 80–90%). What does it mean?

Dry heated air in the Finnish sauna evenly warms the body before sweating, only after this occurs the process of evaporation of moisture from the skin, which protects against overheating. An important caveat: in front of the sauna, you must take a shower and dry yourself well with a towel to avoid burns. But in the bath the moisture from the skin does not evaporate and the body warms up well inside.

Under the influence of steam, the pores open, from which all the dirt is removed, dead skin scales, the skin is renewed.It is recommended to alternate soaring with taking a shower (wash off sweat) and swimming in the pool, such approaches have a positive effect on blood circulation and make the skin more elastic and elastic.

Is it possible for everyone to visit the bath or sauna? No, there are contraindications, so it is best to consult a doctor. Who exactly can not be here: people with high blood pressure (especially with the third stage of hypertension), thrombophlebitis and venous insufficiency, atherosclerosis, heart disease and acute inflammations of the cardiovascular system, skin diseases, diabetes mellitus, as well as those who have a tendency to bleed . Also, the bath is contraindicated in the period of colds, on an empty stomach or, on the contrary, after a heavy meal with a glass of wine.

Beauty assistants for perfect results

C match like sorted out, go to practice. Those who already visit the sauna and bath, managed to work out their beauty rituals. We adopt their experience.

Before you go to the steam room, be sure to take a shower. This will allow the skin to get used to the heat. If you go to the bath, then you can not wipe dry, but in the sauna - sure, otherwise you can burn yourself with dry air.First, go to the steam room with dry skin (makeup should be washed off, and hide the hair under a special hat or towel, do not apply any scrubs) and just take a few minutes on different shelves, starting from the bottom. Three to four minutes to warm up the skin for the first time is enough. In the second run you can stay a little longer (determined by the state of health).

But after the third, when the skin has enough steam and the pores open, the skin is ready for active cleansing and nutrition, and you can apply special scrubs or peels. Pay attention to the composition: the more natural ingredients, the better. If in the bath, the funds can be applied right there (only in the baths of fitness clubs it is forbidden, be careful), but in the sauna it is not recommended to apply them - leave the room and apply after, and then rinse the composition in the shower.

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Many recommend making such tools themselves: for example, mix the salt with honey or apply coffee grounds. We decided not to guess, but to ask advice and a proven recipe from an expert.

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