The best products to get rid of edema

There are products that contribute to swelling, if they are uncontrolled use in food. And there are others that help get rid of edema quickly enough and with benefit for the organism as a whole. It would be nice to have a list of these wonderful saviors on hand for the case when it is not possible to resist the temptation to try something tasty “edematous”.

Causes of puffiness

To the appearance of edema leads to excessively accumulated fluid in the body. And they are, both visible to us - on different parts of the body, and internal, more dangerous. When you swell after abuse of salty food - this is a fairly normal natural phenomenon. But with a clear tendency to the accumulation of fluid and its regularity, it is worth considering the state of health.

Excess water and its delay in the body indicate the presence of failures in the organs and require urgent expert advice. For some cases, it is possible to solve the problem by adjusting the diet.

List of notes

Introducing the "grocery set" deliverers from edema. It should be noted that all of them are natural and healthy products that successfully help to restore the external attractiveness. Some of them are included in the diet program.

  1. Buckwheat. This croup is effective in eliminating any edema - internal and external. It is recommended for use in all age categories and even expectant mothers. If you eat a glass of buckwheat cooked in unsalted water and unflavored with spices for the night, then in the morning you can get an excellent result "on the face".
  2. Apples The value of this fruit is a record among other fruits. About the benefits of regular use of the product, even there are sayings. In addition to losing weight and cholesterol, the benefits of the fruit include reducing the risks of serious diseases, a beneficial effect on digestion and blood pressure. And, of course, reducing puffiness. Days of unloading using only apples for food to remove excess liquid are prescribed by nutritionists and other medical specialists.
  3. Berries. Help from swelling rich in potassium and magnesium berries.Friendship with strawberries, cherries, cherries, raspberries not only relieves unpleasant symptoms, but also simultaneously normalizes the work of the heart muscle. Their constant presence in the diet, coupled with physical activity, the habit of not abusing salt and lack of contraindications, will allow you to say goodbye to swelling. Replace the evening tea with buns on the berry delicacy - and in the morning you will not be afraid of the reflection in the mirror.
  4. Pepper. Miracle-vegetable is not inferior to the berries on the high content of useful elements, especially if it is red variety. Bell peppers can combat puffiness, while replenishing the body with vitamins and minerals, potassium and magnesium. And also, remove excess toxins and salts.
  5. Cucumbers. Swelling associated with cardiac irregularities - their profile. Be sure to use a fresh product. Cucumber juice, only squeezed, is good for an empty stomach in emergency cases. It is also used as a preventive measure before eating three times a day, twenty minutes before meals, without spices and salt.
  6. Parsley. Useful in removing fluid, like any greens, but the most effective.Eating it is allowed at any time of the day and in unlimited quantities. Salad with parsley in the daily menu significantly reduces the risk of edema.
  7. Eggplant. In the east, is considered a symbol of longevity. Vegetable is useful in boiled or steamed for all people, thanks to its art of removing salts that promote the accumulation of fluid in the body.
  8. Dried apricots. It is an apricot, dried in the sun. It has a laxative effect and diuretic. Removes internal swelling. It is used in the form of compotes and decoctions. The product has contraindications for use in food allergy, asthma, hypertensive, prone to diarrhea, people.
  9. Cranberry juice. A glass of unsweetened drink or a handful of fresh berries work wonders. Cranberries are indicated for consumption by children and pregnant women. This is an effective fighter with puffiness.

Choose your product for a successful and quick removal of edema and be healthy and beautiful.

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