The best way to give a cat a pill

Unfortunately, however much we would like to accept this fact, our pets, like any living being, are also subject to all sorts of diseases. And, if a person, being a rational being, falls ill, understands that he needs to follow a certain regimen and take medications, but cute fluffies relate to this matter is extremely doubtful, which sometimes turns the healing process into a real battle.

In any case, every six months, each caring owner is faced with the need to feed his beloved pet with vitamins or to carry out prophylaxis against worms, which is not as easy as it may seem at first glance.

Cats hate pills

Any owner who cares about the health and safety of his animal probably wonders how you can give a cat a pill so that the health of the cat does not aggravate, and for yourself not to leave traumatic consequences?

It is very important to give medicines in such a way that the whole volume, which is prescribed in the prescription, gets into the stomach of the animal, which again is not always possible the first time. But how to be?

Is it ever less simple to decide if the cat is calm and trusting, but what will you do if the animal is quite agile, wayward, and sometimes even aggressive? Do not worry, there are several real ways that allow you to cope even with the most temperamental pet, but you still have to suffer.

What you need to know before trying to "feed" the cat?

First you need to find out from the vet all the important issues that can help you in this difficult matter, because, it turns out, not all drugs have the same methods of use.

  • Be sure to clarify whether it is possible to grind a specific tablet into powder and mix it with water, because there are such drugs that must be taken into the body of a sick animal in a complete form. For example, if the medicine is in a special shell, then it cannot be ground into powder or mixed with water, because the whole principle of operation is to start dissolving the tablet in the deep corners of the body only after the shell has dissolved. The thing is that there are drugs that, getting into the wrong environment (in the mouth, for example), lose their medicinal properties.
  • Find out whether it is possible to mix the drug with products, such as meat, sour cream or milk.The same goes for any other goodies or cat food.
  • Perhaps there are analogues in the form of injections or liquid suspensions, because sometimes it is even easier for a cat to inject, than to torment her with a bitter pill.

Classic way

If your animal completely trusts you and is a fairly balanced creature, then, perhaps, everything will turn out the first time without much difficulty, everything will depend on the skill of the owner and the temperament of your pussy.

So, it is very important to properly seat the cat so that it does not choke on the pill and feel comfortable during the procedure. The most common option: take the animal in your arms, lay it on your knees with your back, so to speak, “face to face”.

There is another way, more inconvenient for the pet, but less safe for the owner: to sit the animal on the floor, with his back up, himself sit on his knees and fix the cat in such a way that she did not have the options to escape and escape.

It needs to be done

To begin with, the pet needs to be reassured, you can stroke it behind the ear and not show that you are nervous. If the cat did manage to relax, you can proceed to the procedure.It is necessary to act confidently and as quickly as possible: we place the cat on the head with the left hand, slightly pressing it with the thumb and forefinger on the sides of the jaw.

From this impact, she reflex will open her mouth and try to escape. Carefully, holding the animal with the elbow and forearm, with the right hand we push the pill onto the very root of the tongue and close the jaws with the left hand, lightly pressing it with the palm so that the cat does not open them and try to spit out the pill.

Thus, we wait until she begins to swallow reflexively and, together with her saliva, swallow a pill. To make the swallowing process faster, you can continue to hold the jaw closed and use the other hand to stroke the cat's throat in the direction from the pharynx to the stomach.

After that, the jaws will have to be released again and see that the tablet has really been swallowed, because there are such cunning individuals who only pretend to have coped with the task, and then spit out the bitter pill.

And what if the animal resists?

If you get an extremely temperamental cat, which even the two of you hold is almost impossible, believe me, and there are suchthen some veterinarians offer the following advice: wrapping or swaddling an animal in thick cloth, sheets, unwanted jacket or blanket, leaving only one head.

After the cat becomes defenseless, carry out the entire procedure described above. But from personal experience, we can say: a strong and healthy cat literally in a few minutes will tear all your blankets to shreds, and to swaddle her will not be such a simple task, but you can still try.

Beautiful cat

But there is another option. If the veterinarian has given good, then the tablet can be crushed with a blunt flat object into a powder, then mixed with a feed or a small amount of water. Liquid needs so much so that it fits in a small syringe, for example, 2 ml.

Mix the powder thoroughly with water, take it into a syringe without a needle, take the cat and pour the medicine directly from the syringe. The main thing is to move the piston smoothly so that the animal can drink and swallow, from a sharp stream the cat can get scared and run away.

This method is not always effective if the medicine is bitter, since the cat may have excessive salivation, and you will not be able to understand whether the required dose of the drug has entered the animal's body.

You can try to mix the medicine with food or food, such as sour cream. The tablet must again be crushed into powder, mixed with a very small amount of fat sour cream, and then spread it on the cat's nose.

Be careful, for example, some drugs for worms can not be mixed with fat-containing products, so carefully read the instructions.

The cat, feeling something foreign on the nose, will begin to lick and swallow a full portion of the medicine.

Remember that in such an important matter it is impossible to show irritation or anger towards the animal, only caress and attention will become the best assistants here.

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