The choice of material for building a house: stone or wood?

The disadvantages of a stone house

It is difficult to compare a stone house and a wooden one. Stone house implies its construction of foam concrete blocks or aerated concrete. Stone called monolithic houses and brick houses. Moreover, foam concrete houses are often tiled with bricks. Brick is recognized as the most expensive building material.
The disadvantage is the first. Already building a foundation for heavy construction of a brick house will require significant costs. A house built of foam concrete blocks will facilitate the construction, but only slightly.
The second drawback in the time-consuming and lengthy process of laying brick walls. For example, it will take another year to shrink. Only after shrinking, you can begin to finish. Faster, this process takes place when using foam concrete, but lining with ventilation ductwork will slow down the construction process.The use of different combinations of stones and the creation of multilayer structures of walls in the construction of a stone house removes some of the disadvantages.
The third. High thermal conductivity and the need for additional costs for insulation.
The fourth disadvantage follows from the third and consists in the features of operation. Such a house will require significant energy consumption for heating in winter and cooling in summer when the walls get warm. The walls warm up slowly and the house, used periodically, with long breaks, will be long and cold in winter and hot in the summer months.

The advantages of a stone house

The first advantage. Durability. Can stand up to three hundred years. If you are sure that your descendants will want to live in this house.
The second. High fire safety.
The third advantage. Durability and resistance to various impacts, biological and thermal.
Fourth. A stone house on a powerful foundation is not afraid of floods or hurricanes.
The fifth. In the masonry, without fear you can do hidden wiring.
The sixth. The walls of porous materials breathe and maintain a favorable microclimate.With permanent residence and proper insulation, the house has a thermos effect. Retains heat for a long time and does not let the heat pass
Seventh. There are no restrictions on the construction of fireplaces, ventilation ducts, stoves and chimneys.
Eighth. Solid exterior of the house and a spectacular texture of the facade of the building of brick or foam concrete, lined with brick.

The disadvantages of a wooden house

The service life of wooden houses is approximately half that of stone. For frame houses, the service life is up to 50 years. However, for one family this is more than enough.Statistics of the construction of houses abroad. 80% frame houses, 20% stone. In Russia, 50% of developers build brick houses, less than 30% build wooden, 15% stone and concrete. And very little built frame houses.
The second problem of a wooden house is fire safety. But different types of impregnations have been developed that solve this problem to a large extent.
The third drawback is the great risk of fungus formation and the appearance of the bark beetle. It is largely eliminated by treating wood before construction with antiseptics.
The architectural possibilities of a wooden house are somewhat lower than those of a stone one.Semicircular shapes cannot be realized, for example. Fasteners rafters in the construction of a wooden house should take into account the shrinkage of the walls. Shrinkage can be even when using compensating parts and dowels. If used during the construction of a wooden house timber or glued laminated timber shrinkage will be reduced to 7% and 2%, respectively. In the frame house building these problems are eliminated.

The advantages of a wooden house

Environmental friendliness is the main advantage. They breathe and create a special atmosphere. Wooden houses have a pleasant smell of pitch and wood that comes from the walls and lasts for years and decades. Such houses improve the well-being of people living in them, and strengthen their health. I can safely say: my home heals, because it promotes relaxation. Infiltration through walls reduces the cost of the ventilation system. Wood has a low thermal conductivity, heating costs are low in winter, and in summer there is no need for a permanently on air conditioner.
The weight of a wooden house is several times lighter than stone, therefore the savings on building a foundation are significant. The possibility of building wooden houses on soft ground is expanding. Wooden house, log or timber, does not need interior decoration. But to wash and rub the walls and floors better with special means.
The construction of a wooden house, and especially of a frame, is much more profitable than the construction of stone. Wooden houses have a unique feature. It can be disassembled and re-erected in a new place. There is even a technology of transportation assembled.

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