Why dream of a coffin

It is unlikely that someone wants to see the coffin in a dream. But what does such a dream mean? That's what different dream books say about it.

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Why dream of a coffin
Why dream of a coffin

Old Russian dream book

In the dream book, the coffin is interpreted as a change of state of affairs in reality.

If a sick person sees himself asleep in a coffin, then this may prophesy a quick death. To a healthy person, this dream can dream of any situations that impede the attainment of a goal.

Small Veles dream

To see a coffin in a dream means to achieve success in business, to get good profit and joy. People at a young age dream of a wedding promises, and the old - a funeral and obstacles.

Why dream of a coffin empty - to a long life path filled with great happiness.

When a coffin in a dream is open - it can mean a quick proximity to leaving this world.

Staying in a coffin for a healthy person means fun in reality. A dream to a sick person can prophesy a close end or various obstacles.

When you saw a coffin with a dead person in a dream, then in reality expect a change in weather conditions.

When you notice a friend lying in a coffin - soon you will hear about him as a successful person.

Modern dream book

What dreams of coffins - to a long and happy life, success in financial enterprises.

Seeing a coffin in a dream or making it in reality can mark a quick wedding ceremony or purchase of funds.

The coffin is dreaming open and empty - you can prepare for possible dangers on the way.

The coffin floated in a dream across the water's surface — expect countless riches.

When in a dream a coffin appeared from a grave pit, this could mean great happiness in life.

If you were in a dream in a coffin, and then got out of it - in reality you will have a lot of strength and confidence in yourself to start and finish the planned things.

The dreamed tomb prophesies good luck in everything and the protection of the right person.

Older people see in a dream a coffin on the eve of their death hour.

Family people such a dream promises profit. And the elderly couple can see this dream as a sign that the spouses will die in one day.

Seeing your own coffin in a dream means waking up when you start a new business.

Dream Miller

In the dream book, the coffin means the most severe losses and the untimely departure of a close relative from this world.

A coffin, surrounded by flowers and standing in a church building, is dreaming - it means that marriage will be unsuccessful. Such a dream to a farmer spells ill livestock and lack of harvest.

Entrepreneurs who have had such a dream, in reality will face setbacks. Young people, noticing a coffin in a dream, in reality may enter into an unhappy family union.

A dream coffin prophesies illnesses and a bad family union.

Being on the coffin or inside it prophesies serious diseases and repentance of one’s own actions.

Female dream book

To see in a dream a coffin, a hearse or a funeral carriage - to sad incidents. This may mean that a friend or relative will die early in life, someone is seriously ill.

The sight of an empty coffin is a feeling of inner emptiness and heaviness on the soul.

When you looked at the coffin in the church walls, which is covered with flowers, the upcoming wedding will not be too successful.

You saw yourself in a coffin - illness, quarrels, repentance of bad actions are possible.

When in a dream you noticed a funeral procession, and your name was on the coffin, then in reality you need to change your habits and think about your whole life.

Participated in a dream in a funeral procession in person? In reality, you have to do a bad deed that will have an adverse effect on your loved one.

When in a dream you drive nails into the coffin lid - in reality you have to do everything in your power only to cope with your weak and vicious qualities.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

When you saw a living person in a coffin, you need to interpret a dream taking into account who you saw. Saw yourself - it's time to change the wrong lifestyle for the better and get rid of old habits that are harmful to your health.

If you saw just some kind of living person, you will be lucky enough to live a long life and even wait for the appearance of great-grandchildren.

Noticing your friend in the coffin means that, in reality, your friend will not know what needs are and can even support you.

Did you recognize the man who was in the coffin? Nayawa is more likely to solve the problems that have arisen between you, and not try to avoid them.

Also, a person who is in a coffin can become a symbol of the fact that you should pay attention to the people with whom you communicate. Maybe your friends are people who are not friends at all and you should break off relations with them.

Dream dream wanderer

The dreamed open coffin with the deceased being there promises a good finale.

An empty coffin dreams of dangers and anxiety.

You saw yourself in a coffin - you will have success and family happiness.

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