The effect of wet hair - we master a simple hairstyle

Female hair always attracts attention, especially this applies to well-groomed and beautiful hairstyles, which instantly transform and adorn their possessor. Each time it is rather difficult to invent something new for your own hair, but you want it so much!

And then come to the aid of fiction stylists who do not sit idly by, and every year, we are pleased with the next novelties in the world of beauty.

Gorgeous Gisele

It is not for nothing that they say that fashion always comes back, and all that was popular once upon a time comes back, re-conquering human hearts. We are now talking about the effect of wet hair, which won the hearts of many of the fair sex in the far 80s of the last century, and in recent years is again becoming very popular.

"Wet hair" - this is a real trend of the last few seasons, it is with great pleasure trying on the stars of the world stage, which is to say, all inveterate women of fashion on the planet try to try it on their locks.

The world-wide popularity of “wet curls” is very easily explained: the hairstyle bears in itself notes of elegance, elegance and seductiveness, which so attract the opposite sex.

Nice hairstyle

This styling looks especially relevant in the summer, when wet hair or part of the hair is the normal condition of the hairstyle. That is why it is very important to know the line here: in summer or early autumn, the effect of wet hair is popular and in demand, but in winter or spring such styling will look vulgar and inappropriate.

Considering photos of celebrities who are already full of sports with such styling, the question arises in my head, and how to make the effect of wet hair yourself? Probably, it is difficult and requires some special practical skills?

In fact, there is nothing complicated here, such a unique and special “wet” styling can easily be done at home, the main thing is to stock up with the necessary cosmetics, without which the “same” effect will not work or will disappear too quickly. So, what do we need to create such beauty?

Necessary cosmetics

Celebrities choose this hairstyle

To make the hair look really elegant and stylish, it is very important to choose the most suitable cosmetics for you, which will best emphasize the effect and keep it for as long as possible.

  • The most popular cosmetics for creating the effect of wet hair are gels. They are very different, you should not choose the options with strong fixation, as it will not give the desired effect, and your hair will look less natural. It is best to use an average or a weak fixation, the gels will look best on medium and short hair.
  • You can use wax for hair, especially if you want to directly fix the tips, but if you still need a tool that can be used over the entire surface, then you can use a gel with various additives of wax.
  • Also, to create a similar styling, you can use special sprays and hair varnishes, they are ideal for creating the desired effect on thin hairs of medium length.
  • Owners of curly hair must turn their attention in the direction of special mousses, which are designed specifically for work in such cases.
  • Most stylists agree that to create the effect of wet laying, of course, it is best to use texturizers. These are special cosmetics that were created for fixing individual strands in the overall styling, thanks to them, you do not need to dry your hair, because with their help you can do everything with your hands. The result is a very professional result, but, of course, such funds are, of course, expensive.
  • Lovers of natural products can offer gelatin, which is diluted in warm water, and then applied to curls. After drying, the desired effect.

How to make a haircut?

Before you start creating seductive "wet" ringlets, you need to understand what is best for you. For example, styling with a wet effect looks the most rich on brunettes, no matter what cosmetic they do not lubricate the hair, the result is almost always natural and shiny.

Cute curls

But blondes and brown-haired women should be more careful with gels and hairspray, since a large number of them will not just underscore the strands, but can also create a feeling of untidiness.

One of the most fashionable and popular hairstyles today is the “wet effect”, which is partially performed, and this option is performed on both short and long hair. The essence of this decision is that not all curls should look wet, but you just need to work with the tips and fix the individual strands.

Do hair at home

  • First you need to wash your hair, and after washing it should be carefully combed while still wet. The remedy you choose to create the effect is best applied to clean and damp hair.
  • After the styling products are applied, the curls are no longer combed, special attention is paid to the tips, with lacquers and gels, we are not very zealous, otherwise they will make the hair style much heavier, and the head can quickly turn with the effect of not the first freshness.
  • Now, slightly squeezing the individual curls, you need to form separate strands with your hands, and then, without waiting for drying, fasten them with hairpins, just gently, so as not to transfer the hair in separate places, thereby breaking the hairstyle.
  • If you know that your hair is curled by nature, then you can not try to form curls, just let it dry with the cosmetic itself.
  • You do not need to dry your hair with a hairdryer, but if you are in a hurry, you can lightly wipe them with air in the warm drying mode, with each strand slightly squeezing to give them the desired shape.

The effect of wet hair can be achieved and on short haircuts, it is enough to apply the modeling agent on the hair, and then smooth the whiskey and comb the bangs, slightly tousle the back of the hairstyle to make it look like feathers.

Also in this season, a bunch with the effect of wet hair became very popular. Make it completely easy: it is enough to achieve the effect of wet curls by the previous method, and then, already treated hair, to collect in a bun. Do not forget to slightly ruffle it to get a more natural and fresh look.

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