The first frame from the shooting of Tarantino: Pitt "grew old", and DiCaprio lost weight

Leonardo DiCaprio dispelled the intrigue and published a photo of the teamwork with Brad Pitt.

What will happen if two main heartbreakers of modernity meet on the film set - Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, and the inimitable Quentin Tarantino will be the director of the tape?

With a probability of 99 percent get a masterpiece! And because of the new film "Once in Hollywood," started talking long before the start of filming.

And here came the first fruits of hard work! Handsome Leo unveiled the first photo from the set.

27 Jun 2018 at 6:00 PDT

The photo captures two main actors at once. And fans have already noticed that Brad in the frame looks noticeably aged. Get at least unusual for him hair and gray hair. And Leo is very thin. Yes, and the images of friends are very outrageous: a leather jacket, a belt with a big cowboy buckle, a medallion ... But this is just what is easily explained.

After all, friends will play a TV actor Rick Dalton and his backup Cliff Bout, who are trying to get into the movie business. And the very action of the picture takes place in the 69th year - against the backdrop of the murder of actress Sharon Tate by the sect of Charles Manson.

In the film, Tarantino also starred Margot Robbie, Dakota Fanning and Al Pacino. However, clapping your hands and rejoicing is still too early. We will see the new film not earlier than the autumn of 2019.

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