The main trend of the spring: how to wear gold

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
fashion editor

Spring is our crown time when so many loud projects are in our heads, and the heart needs to dilute creative impulses with breathtaking romance. And if to draw good luck in love is not such a simple task, then for the personal growth and career success the same unmistakable secret works - to work hard, to learn new things, to take an example from inspiring personalities and not give up before failure. So one day you will certainly learn to turn everything around you into gold, but only, unlike the fate of the hero of the myths of King Midas, your story will have an excellent outcome.
Well, surround yourself with gold in the form of outfits, accessories and jewelry, you can now, for inspiration, again. By the way, the same Greeks associated this metal with the sun and believed in its magical healing light - it was his rays that we lacked so much during the winter, so we fill the deficit!

Sunglasses in gold

Vintage form in a very modern design: a metal frame does not frame glass, but is superimposed on them, which creates an unusual 3D effect.And so the shades will fascinate any of us: pink gold on the glasses, yellow - in the frame.

Glasses in gold frame Le Specs Luxe

Le Specs Luxe Gold-framed Glasses ($ 119)

Pink Gold Swimsuit

In the 2000s, this label would be labeled as "bad taste". Well, it's nice that this era of stereotypes and dogmas is over, because gold is the best "accomplice" of a good tan.

Swimsuit Melissa Odabash

Gold ring with zirconia

In place of the cubic zirconia there should be a diamond of the same size, but its time will come, and while using this ring you visualize your cherished desires.

Ring SL, rose gold, cubic zirconia

Ring SL, rose gold, fianit (to order)

T-shirt with print

There are things that seem to have a soul, and this T-shirt is one of those rarities. The whole thing, of course, is an incredibly well-chosen design, from which, like from the paintings of talented artists, interior lighting comes.

Golden Goose Deluxe Printed T-Shirt

T-shirt with print Golden Goose Deluxe (€ 115)

Gold satin blouse

In our imagination, refined gold without any claims for pathos looks like this - like an elegant blouse of an unpretentious cut, to which jewelry is not needed, and there is plenty of glitter.

Satin Blouse By Malene Birger

Satin Blouse By Malene Birger (£ 205)

Gold plated headphones

In love finally and irrevocably: with these headphones you want to confidently step towards the spring to the cheerful rhythms of your favorite songs.And gray everyday mornings may stop being so gray ...

Skinnydip Headphones

Skinnydip Headphones (£ 35)

Bag-basket with gold

Zara performed the dream of all the fans of the style of Jane Birkin and released a basket bag, not just plain, but really gold: the upper part is made of copper, so that fervent accessory promises to serve you long (including, perhaps, as home decor) .

Shopping bag Zara

Zara Basket Bag (5 999 rubles)

Gold Diamond Earrings

For gold jewelry with elegant design there is always a place and time, and if the treasure also weighs just one gram, then you will definitely become best friends on weekdays and weekends.

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