The most spicy dishes in the world

Today, you will not surprise anyone with the taste variety in food, because mankind has long learned to create amazing masterpieces in the world of cooking, where there is a lover for every dish. But spicy food here occupies a special position, it is possible for an extreme person to eat it all the time, except that not everyone is able to endure such a range of sensations.

But, nevertheless, there are quite a few such unique ones, and even that to go far: the majority of Asian peoples recognize only spicy dishes that are present in their diet every day, from childhood to old age.


If one of us offers such a dish, then, having tasted even a small piece, you will start to clutch at the throat or stomach, trying to get rid of the burning sensation that captures all the breath.

How is it going? Someone absorbs such dishes throughout their lives and never has any health problems on this basis, and someone will not be able to eat a small piece!

It turns out that the whole thing is in the usual training and the substance capsaicin, which is contained in all hot peppers - the most important ingredient of all spicy dishes.Capsaicin can be addictive and its regular consumption in low doses leads to dulling of taste buds: the burning pepper ceases to seem like that.


Chili peppers have a large number of varieties that differ in size, color and, of course, in the degree of pungentness. The latter value even has its own scale, which was invented by the pharmacist Wilbur Scoville, it is based on the amount of capsaicin contained in a particular type of pepper.

For example, Scorpio Trinidad is considered to be the hottest pepper in the world, which, by the way, is used to fill pepper cans and create tear gas, on a Scoville scale its sharpness is 2 million units!

For comparison, the burning ability of the famous tomato Tabasco sauce is “only” 800 units, but it is extremely difficult to eat it in its pure form! There are other types of hot peppers, which are used to create the most spicy dishes in the world.

Many spices

To an untrained person to determine whether they are delicious or not, and in general to disassemble something other than a burning sensation, it will be incredibly difficult, however, there are such brave souls who still dare to try something like that.So, all fans of "sharp" stock notebooks and write down the names of the sharpest dishes, as well as places where they can be tasted.

"Hot Suicide Wings"

If you translate the word verbatim, you will get something like "hot self-destructive wings". This very amusing title was awarded to the chef from Chicago, Robin Rosenberg, the inventor of these pointed wings. Although, of course, "sharp" - it's gently said, because this dish, by right is the most acute in the world!

Little wings

The guest of the restaurant, who decided to try this dish, signs a special document, according to which it is obliged not to sue the restaurant owner in case of any possible problems with digestion. To make the wings so sharp, one of the sharpest peppers in the world is used for their preparation - the Savin variety.

When this "suicidal" dish is served on the table, all the waiters are ready: if necessary, they provide an ambulance in the form of sour cream, milk sugar or white bread, which can bring down the incredibly sharp taste of pepper.

The cook Rosenberg has long dreamed of creating something similar and sincerely hopes that there will be a person who will eat the dish from beginning to end with great pleasure.

Bollywood Burner

Another incredibly spicy creation that is made from lamb with curry sauce, carefully sprinkled on top with the hottest pepper in the world. You can find such a dish in one restaurant of Indian cuisine in London, but not in the main menu, but only by prior special order.

Bollywood burner

Here you also need to write a receipt about the conscious choice of the dish and all the possible consequences that a desperate gourmet takes over. For the preparation of this Indian dish they use one of the hottest naga peppers in the world, which, according to the Scoville scale, has an indicator of 850 thousand units! People who have decided to try this dish, in one voice say - this is the hottest sauces in the world!

"Chinese hot pot"

This incredible spicy dish, which in consistence and appearance resembles ordinary roast, is prepared from a large number of vegetable ingredients, as well as from scalding chili and other spicy spices.

They cook this dish in one of the country's restaurants, and those who want to try it are always decent, despite the fact that after the first spoon comes the standard picture: the daredevil clutches his stomach and throat, requiring water or other liquid.

Chinese hot pot

By the way, do you know how to eat or, rather, how to deal with a dish if it turned out to be incredibly spicy? If you feel that “sparks” literally fell from the eyes, or rather tears, an indescribable fire in the mouth, and there is a real hell in the stomach, it is urgent to take measures.

Grabbing in panic for a glass of water is not an option, it will not help you, it is better to ask for some dairy product, milk or kefir, which contain casein, which is able to very well neutralize the action of capsaicin.

If there was no milk on hand, then to extinguish the fire in your mouth, you can drink some warm water with sugar or, in extreme cases, drink a spoonful of vegetable oil.

Not everyone knows, but it turns out that spicy dishes can even be useful: they increase immunity, and also increase the level of endorphins hormones, thereby raising the mood and general vitality.

Nevertheless, it is better not to experiment with such dishes for people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. Contraindications are better taken into account and not to risk, since the consequences of such an act can be the most deplorable.

If you suddenly decide to cook something from these dishes, be sure to follow the safety rules: in no case do not touch your mouth or eyes, otherwise you can get a severe burn mucous.

It is best to work with rubber gloves when working with such hot pepper varieties, because if there are small wounds somewhere on the hands, then the substance capsaicin may cause severe pain.

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