The series "Black Mirror" extended for the fifth season

Only we stopped to look at the black screens of our smartphones with caution, as Netflix announced the release of a new - the fifth - season of the Black Mirror.

On the continuation of the series became known through the publication on Twitter. However, as always, no details were given. Neither the release date nor the number of episodes of the fifth season is yet unknown. From well, very short video, in which we see several screens broadcasting various series of previous seasons, absolutely nothing is clear. Yes, and a promising caption under the video - "The future will be brighter than ever" - is intriguing, but says little. However, the dystopia of Charlie Brooker does not need any special advertising. We have hooked on this topical mini-series since the first season and now we will wonder what else will please us, surprise and frighten this anthology. Perhaps as a hint soon we will see a little more informative teasers. In any case, earlier than at the end of the year, the premiere should not be expected.

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