The story of life: how the simple lady has made love handsome

Love arises in different ways: for someone at first sight, and for others after many years of dating. The main thing is not to miss it, once realizing that life could have been very different.

... Tanka Gorokhova's appearance was as ordinary as her first name and surname. Face round, nose with potatoes, light brown hair to the shoulders. In a word, you will pass - you will not turn around. Tanka could not boast of a figure either: low, stocky, with a problem zone riding breeches and conditionally pronounced waist. But among all our fellow students, she stood out with unshakable optimism. The smile never left her round face, and next to the first beauties of the course she felt absolutely confident. It did not even occur to her that against their background she looks, let's say, not entirely advantageous. Her nature has not bypassed her mind and wit, as opposed to her appearance, that is why in the classroom simple Tanka easily overshadowed all our mannered beauties.

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She chose Artem Silvanovsky as an object of adoration almost from the first day of her studies at the institute. This guy was hard not to notice - tall, nice, with a fashionable haircut and a special squint of the eyes. The secret of the latter was simple: Artyom was short-sighted, but he did not wear glasses, but he gained additional points in the eyes of numerous fans. He knew the price for himself, accepted the attention from the girls with imposing indulgence, including from Gorokhova who was in love with him. Perhaps no one expressed his feelings as sincerely and ingenuously as she. Her life was completely devoid of secrets and half-tones, she lived with an “open visor” and did not consider it necessary to hide her attitude towards the handsome man. We were all wondering: what is she counting on, surrounding this adoration with a guy who, in a nightmare, would not dream of reciprocating her?

So everyone believed, but not Tanka. Once, looking at her record book with only fives, she uttered: “Everything is fine, but the name is simple, it violates harmony. That's when I will be Silvanovskaya, only the birth certificate and school certificate will remain on the old family name. ” Everyone who heard it, burst out laughing.“Do you really think that you have a chance to become Artem's wife?” Snezhana, the most spectacular student of our course, asked mockingly. "Why not? - sincerely surprised Tanka. “Hands, feet, and head are in place, not crooked, not limping - why don't he marry me?” “So you think your chances are mine?” Snezhana laughed. Tanya looked at her very seriously: “No, I do not think so. I am sure that my chances are much higher than yours. Because Artem is a smart guy and he understands that no one will ever love him the way I do. ” “A girl may leave the village, but the village will never leave the girl,” Snezhana summed up, rolling her eyes, and at that moment everyone agreed with her.

She is mistaken about Artem’s ability to appreciate true feelings. He was seriously attracted to the arrogant beauty Snezhana, and in the middle of the second year they got married. Gorokhova, having learned about it, sobbed for three days, and then, having calmed down, re-assessed the situation: “It means nothing. Artem just prolonged the period of maturation. He will still understand and leave her, and she will only have his last name as a souvenir. ”

The most interesting thing is exactly what happened.Only not Artem left his wife, but she herself left him. In the last year, Snezhana unexpectedly started a romance with the vice-rector for studies and moved in with him (retaining, by the way, the name of the retired spouse). Apparently, the family life of this beautiful couple initially developed not rosy, because Artem perceived the departure of his wife without drama. “Well, what did I say? - Rejoiced Tanka. “Now he will understand everything!”

But again he did not understand and fell into the arms of the sultry brunette Marina, who was distinguished by undisguised passion for collecting admirers. They came to the graduation party to a restaurant together, and by the end of the evening, the tipsy Marina announced publicly that she and Artyom had decided to get married and leave for the capital. She again cried, but here our sympathies were already on her side. Only a complete idiot could represent Marina as his wife: it’s clear that she will never stop in her striving for a variety of personal life. “You will give birth to my son,” Arty said, squeezing a potential spouse in his arms. “Required!” Marina smiled. Those who knew her well, read without difficulty in this smile: “Well, wait, you fool!”

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They really got married and went to Moscow, breaking off almost all contacts with friends and classmates. From time to time it was rumored that they live poorly, Artem doesn’t get on with a career, and Marina doesn’t work anywhere and is “looking for herself”. Her husband did not wait for her son, but once he was “rewarded” with a common sexually transmitted infection and made a willful decision to divorce.

Tanka, frustrated by her lover's short-sightedness, returned at the end of the institute to her native district center and responded with despair to the courtship of a classmate Petit, who worked as a tower crane operator. And she even decided to “get married” out of despair. Peter adored his wife, did not suffer from bad habits, earned well - and everything in the house. She quickly became pregnant, but in the fourth month she had a miscarriage. After leaving the hospital, she immediately applied for a divorce. In response to the puzzled question of her husband, what she was missing, she said honestly: “You cannot sleep with one, but think about something else. Apparently, fate itself did not allow me to give birth to you, otherwise we would have to suffer together all our life. ”

... We met a quarter of a century after college graduation.The initiative group of former members of the Student Council decided to gather all the graduates of the faculty, scattered around the different cities, for the anniversary evening. 25 years is a solid period by the standards of human life, many have changed beyond recognition. However, Artyom Silvanovsky retained the same youthful status, except that he became gray-haired as a harrier and finally decided to wear glasses. But next to him (what a surprise!) Was Tanka Gorokhova, slightly plump, but still shining with a good-natured smile. She looked at Artyom with such loving eyes that we together experienced the effect of deja vu - God, everything was like in my student years!

According to the plan of the initiators of the anniversary, each of the classmates at the table had to briefly tell about themselves and their achievements over the past quarter century. Many did not hesitate to brag about success - career, connections, and material assets. When the turn came to Artem, who was sitting next to Tanka, he stood with a full glass, holding his companion by the shoulder with his other hand. “My main achievement in life is my wife, Tatiana Silvanovskaya,” he was stunned by those present who were confident that these two, like everyone, met at a restaurant today. - We have been together for fifteen years.This woman not only brought me back to life after three failed marriages - she showed me that love can work wonders. The fact that I am here today, with you, alive and even relatively healthy, is only her merit. And I propose to drink now for my Tanya, which means for love! ”

Tanka blinked with reddened eyes and stroked touched his hand, which squeezed her shoulder. And then, sniffing, rushed into the ladies' room to refresh the flowed mascara. In her place, Artyom's first wife, Snezhana, immediately flopped down. Apparently, she waged an incessant and not entirely successful struggle for youth: there was too much jewelry and makeup, and the charm of an elegant woman was too little. “Silvanovsky, well, you give! She exclaimed in surprise. - Has achieved the same Tanya and you, and your surname! Where did you find her after so many years? ”

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“She found me,” said Artyom after a pause. “I found out my address in Moscow through mutual friends and came to say goodbye: the doctors discovered a tumor in her chest, the forecasts were disappointing, the operation was ahead. So she decided to finally see me. And then I myself was almost a corpse: I drank soundly, I was fired from my job, the apartment became like a bomzhovy shelter. This is how we met, two loneliness.She began to cry looking at me and said that she must survive in order to bring me back to life. She left with the words that after the operation she will come to me. And she came. We got out of our problems together, helping each other as we could. She made me go to a drug treatment clinic, where I was cured of alcoholism. And I took care of her when, after numerous sessions of chemotherapy, she was sick for several days in a row. And after all, we won her cancer, she has been registered with an oncologist for many years, she is checked regularly - and everything is fine, pah-pah-pah! But even in the most difficult days of the disease, Tanya always thought first of all about me: did I feel full, took medications, did I have clean underwear. I didn’t even see such care from my mother, what can we say about wives, I didn’t reproach you, Snezhana. I only regret one thing - I didn’t see it right away. So much time is lost! I'm only those fifteen years, that with her, really happy. Well, well, something too I open up. Get up, Snezhana, my Tanya returns. She, of course, will not be jealous, but I am much more comfortable next to her than with you. ”

Snezhana, purging her lips in an arrogant way, over which the master of tattooing had worked hard, got up from the table. The approached Tanka smiled warmly to her.And it became obvious to each of us how much her benevolent smile is more attractive than the ex-Silvanovskoy’s silicone grimace.

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