Thermoses: history, types, materials, tips

Thermos is mainly used to keep hot drinks hot or cold - cold. The question of choosing a good thermos is relevant for the majority. When choosing, focus on maximum temperature retention.

The history of the invention of the thermos

In 1892, a scientist from Scotland, James Dewar, creates an unusual device for rarefied gases. The device consisted of a glass flask with double walls (air was pumped out between them, creating a vacuum), and the inner surface was covered with silver. Due to the vacuum, the temperature in the device did not depend on external conditions.

Initially, the invention was used for science. After 12 years, the student of Dewar, Reynold Burger, realized that the teacher's invention can be earned quite well and in 1904 he registered a patent for the production of new dishes. The device was called "thermos". This word is of Greek origin and means hot. Reynold's dream came true, he became rich.Thermos has been widely recognized among lovers of fishing, hunting and travel.

Top Tips

  • Thermos pick up and shake. If you hear a rattling or knocking, the bulb is badly attached. This will not last long.
  • Open the cap and cork, smell. If it is of high quality, no smells are felt from the inside.
  • Twist the cork in and see how tightly it closes. If gaps are visible, it will be bad to keep warm.
  • In a thermos do not recommend pouring sparkling water, brine, hot oil.
  • Drinks are undesirable to store in a thermos for more than two days. Do not close the empty thermos tightly, it may smell.
  • After use, always rinse with hot soapy water, using a brush. Rinse well with warm water, wipe with a soft cloth or dry at room temperature.
  • If there are stains on the flask and they are poorly washed, fill the thermos with hot water, add a little detergent for dishes and leave overnight. Rinse in the morning and allow to dry.
  • When an unpleasant smell appears in the flask, you can pour a few tablespoons of baking soda, pour hot water (to the top), wait 30 minutes,then rinse with warm water and the smell will evaporate.
Video Tips

Thermoses types

Before you go for a purchase, clearly define the goals. For example, a vacuum thermos is too expensive for a house. It is easier and more reasonable to choose a thermos with a large opening and a large volume. Vacuum option is better to buy for travel.

To determine the purpose, pay attention to the case. The manufacturer of the special icons indicates which product can be stored in it.

Universal thermos

Enough wide opening. You can store liquid and other products. Universal thermoses are equipped with a double stopper, therefore, are more hermetic, the lid is used as a cup. If kept open, the contents cool quickly due to the wide opening. Some types for better transportation are equipped with handles that fold easily.

Thermoses type "bullet"

Metal body and flask. Compact, easily fit in a backpack or bag. Comes with a case with a strap to better transport. The lid is used as a glass. Designed for coffee, tea, cocoa and other beverages. Equipped with a valve and the liquid is poured through it.

Thermoses with a cover-pump

They call it desktop and equip pump cover. By design - “samovar”, as the liquid is poured through the tap. This technology makes it possible to keep the temperature up to 24 hours. The sizes are large enough, so they are not intended for transportation.

Sudoku thermoses

Thermos for food. They consist of three containers or vessels of 0.4-0.7 liters, which are filled with hot dishes. There are thermoses for food without sudok where only one dish is placed. Very light, made of food plastic. Each of the vessels is sealed and freely removed from the thermos, but do not retain heat for a long time because of the wide neck. Up to three different types of products can be carried simultaneously.

Container and flask material

Container materials are of the following types:

  • Plastic (plastic)
  • Metallic
  • Glass

Metal flasks

Metallic or steel flask of ordinary and stainless steel. Such a flask keeps the temperature no worse than glass, but much stronger. The minus is heavy and difficult to clean (there are food particles or traces of coffee and tea). An important role is played by the cover. Twist caps are made to metal flasks.Such a thermos can safely take on the road.

Plastic or plastic flasks

In addition to a small weight, there are no advantages. Plastic absorbs odors, and when heated itself emits them. If you first brew coffee in such a flask, all subsequent products will smell it.

Glass flasks

Fragile, damaged by falling. It is better to buy a thermos with a glass flask for the house. From the point of view of food storage, there is no equal: it keeps the temperature for a long time, washes easily, does not absorb odors.

Thermos volume

There are thermoses with a very small volume of 250 ml, so-called thermo mugs, and huge in 40 liters - thermal containers. The larger the thermos, the longer the temperature remains. By volume, it is conditionally divided into 3 groups:

  • Small volume - from 0.25 l to 1 l - thermomugs. It is convenient to take it with you to work. Lightweight and compact. Fishermen often buy because they are convenient to make baits on carp from cereals.
  • The average volume - from 1 liter to 2 liters - is a standard type thermos. Indispensable companions on travel and on vacation. You can take a picnic for a small company just right. Not heavy, fit in a backpack.
  • Large - from 3 liters to 40 liters - thermo containers.Used at home for storing drinks or eating.

After the purchase, it can be checked at home. Pour boiling water and wait for about an hour. If the case has heated up - the sealing is broken. Thermos hold the desired temperature will not be. Taking with you a check for the purchase, go to the store and give the defective product, returning the money or exchanging for a new one.


It is better to buy a thermos well-proven brand in the global market. Firms that have been working for more than a year are more attentive to the buyer and the quality of their products.

The most popular and well-received customers are Aladdin, Thermos, Stanley, Ikea, LaPlaya, TatonkaH & CStuff. Among the Russian producers, the most famous are “Arktika”, “Samara”, “Amet”, “Sputnik”.

Thermos video testing

Some well-known companies in addition offer the buyer various "chips": covers, mugs, hooks, special pens.

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A quality thermos will not disappoint and after a few hours of travel you can taste fine, hot tea. In nature, this thing is simply indispensable, and if you add fragrant herbs there, the impression will be even greater.

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