This kitchen furniture is made to make people happy.

In an apartment or a large house under the kitchen allocate a whole room. But there are situations when everything necessary for cooking needs to be placed in a very limited space. A country house, a room in a hostel or an office cannot afford a standard-plan kitchen. But, fortunately, Russian designers have developed a convenient and very nice solution to the kitchen issue in small spaces.

The kit, called Lo-Lo, consists of three convenient modules, each of which performs a specific function. With the help of unique design furniture, you can easily warm up lunch, make coffee or boil water for tea. There is enough space for storing dishes.

Furniture can be placed together, or arranged in different corners, using any free space. The design of the modules is concise and a little frivolous. He will cheer up during a hard working day and perfectly fit into the atmosphere of a creative office.

Funny lockers are sure to make workers and customers smile.Several colors and sizes are available for ordering. You can order several modules of the same type, if there are many employees in the office.

One of the modules contains a microwave oven - a device that is indispensable where there is no real stove.

A locker that is used as storage can be a small table.

In the sliding shelves everything you need for a snack and coffee break during a business meeting.

At first glance, all modules seem to be the same, but in fact there are two sizes. You can choose boxes a little more or a little less, depending on the size of the room and the availability of free space.

One of the modules is equipped with a built-in cooler, which can be used as a water heating device.

And in this box you can place a coffee maker or electric kettle. Top place for storing cups.

Colors can be chosen neutral, or bright and saturated.

Lo-Lo modules will be indispensable in the halls for seminars and presentations. It is possible to shorten the coffee time of the pause and the participants' dinners, because everything necessary will be at hand.

Modules can be very useful for students living in a dormitory with a shared kitchen.

Separate modules can complement the usual kitchen in the apartment, giving it a bit of fresh notes.

But with what it all began. That's what the original idea of ​​the most cute kitchen furniture looked like.

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