Tip 2: Essential Oils in a Home Medical Kit

Dry herbs, tinctures and essential oils in the home first-aid kit are full-fledged medicines, and they should be used, taking into account possible side effects and contraindications. One of the most powerful antiseptics is tea tree oil. On its basis, various creams for problem skin are produced, and it is not surprising: this oil successfully copes with pimples and inflammations. Point on the problem areas for the night a little tea tree and the next morning make sure that the inflammation has decreased or completely passed. With this tool you can cope with herpes in 2-3 days. As soon as you feel a burning and itching near the mouth, lubricate the sore spot with oil. Repeat the procedure several times, but be careful not to burn the red border of the lips and healthy skin around the herpes bubbles.
Tea tree oil is also indispensable for the most cruel angina. Using a fleece wound on a knitting needle, brush on the inflamed tonsils with oil. Try not to get to the root of the tongue - the sensations are very unpleasant.Inflammation and sore throat will decrease in a matter of hours. With a strong rhinitis, you can lubricate the mucous membrane of the nose with tea tree oil, diluted in half with vegetable - a rhinitis, the mucous edema subsides. Inflamed barbs and sores quickly and painlessly pass if they are oiled with tea tree oil.
Almost the same strong antiseptic - eucalyptus essential oil. They can also lubricate the inflamed tonsils and nostrils with a cold. In addition, this oil has been successfully used in the form of inhalation with a strong cough. You can drop a few drops in the oil burner or add medicinal herbs to the decoction if you decide to breathe over the steam.
Very effective for colds inhalations with lemon essential oil. In addition, this tool is very helpful against periodontitis - you need to add a drop of oil daily to the toothpaste.
Ylang-ylang oil will help to relieve fatigue, headache and improve your mood - it is enough to drop 2 calories of this substance with a pleasant spicy aroma on your wrists. The same effect has lemon oil.
All these oils can be added to cosmetic masks and creams.

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