Tip 2: The edge of the scarf: how to handle neatly

You will need
  • - Dense cardboard;
  • - scissors;
  • - yarn.
The simplest to manufacture scarf trim is a fringe. Wrap the yarn around a piece of cardboard 2 cm wide that is longer than the fringe. Cut the yarn from one side. Take two stitches, fold them in half and draw a hook under the loop of the closed row of the scarf, then thread the ends of the threads into the resulting loop. Tighten them, but not very tight, so that the interception lies soft, beautiful, without tightening the edges. So make a fringe around the edge of the scarf. Do the same for the second edge. If desired, you can decorate the fringe with beads or tie into knots.
To make a pom-pom, cut out two cardboard blanks from thick cardboard. At each circle, remove the center, which should be about 1/3 of the diameter. The size of the pom-pom will be equal to the width of the side of the ring. Place the rings on top of each other. Wind the obtained ring as evenly as possible and wind the thread until the side to the center is filled.Then push the tip of the scissors between the two rings of the cardboard and carefully cut the yarn without moving it from the cardboard. Pass a thread between the rings and tie the threads on the cardboard into a very tight knot, leaving long ends, from which you can attach the pompon to the product. When the threads are tied, remove the cardboard, after making a cut from the edge to the center of the circle. Trim the pom-pom with scissors. Then sew the pompon tightly to the product or, without cutting off the binding thread, make the pompon on the cord.
To make tassels along the edge of the scarf, cut a rectangle of thick cardboard 2 cm longer than the one you need and 10 cm wide. On the narrow side of the rectangle, lay a cord (of the same thread) on which the tassel will hold. Wrap the yarn around the long side of the cardboard. To make the brush more voluminous, perform at least 25 turns of the thread. Then tighten the thread that runs along the narrow side of the cardboard. At the end opposite the knot, cut the wound yarn. Cut a thread 30 cm long. Tightly wrap the brush with it two or three times 2.5 cm below the knot and tie it tight. Thread the tips of this thread into the needle and hide inside the brush.Shake the brush and cut the jagged ends with scissors. A brush, as well as a pompon, can be sewn tightly to the product, or, without cutting off the fastening thread, make a brush on a cord. The brush can also be decorated with a large bead. To do this, in a bottom-up direction, draw a brush through an appropriately sized bead.
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In the manufacture of finishes for the scarf, you can use threads of several colors simultaneously. The yarn should be of the same type.
Helpful advice
Special plastic rings for the manufacture of pompons can be purchased in stores.

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