Make a positive in the interior portions. It is unlikely that you decide to radically paint all the walls in the house in a light green color, but we do not recommend combining it with bright colors - you’ll find yourself brute force
Combine lime in the interior with its more faded "relatives": marsh, pistachio, green. And also brown, burgundy and contrasting black. Not ready to drastically change the color of the walls in the house? Then make lime color accent. Let the bizarre bright green forms scatter along the wall or concentrate on the most prominent place in a single figure. It is enough to create a juicy noticeable spot on the faded background.
Decorate the kitchen in light green color, then it will be filled with energy and strength. In addition, physiologists believe that the green color saves from overeating, making the appetite more moderate. Modern manufacturers offer a variety of kitchen furniture, with which it is not difficult to create a kitchen interior in a light green color. "Apron" of light green tiles or glossy versions of light green furniture for the kitchen - decide for yourself!
Creating a bedroom interior in this color scheme, be restrained.You can paint the bedroom door with light green paint, paint the walls with a light pattern. Just remember that bright colors are energetic, you need to be careful with it. It is enough to hang curtains of a light green color in the bedroom or to buy lime green linens.

Tip 2: Interior with light green wallpaper

If the room is dominated by light green color, then you can forget about the sad and gloomy interior. Lime is the notes of positive, fun, energy. Green color spurs the human brain to action, melancholic need to paint the walls in this tone.
Interior with light green wallpaper

Curtains for light green wallpaper

With light green wallpaper heavy curtains will not look. Therefore, there are two options - either to abandon the curtains at all, or to buy transparent light tulle, attracting light. Forget about dark and heavy curtains with light green wallpaper.

Bedroom with light green wallpaper

Lime bedroom may seem a bit frivolous, but the wallpaper of this color will fit well into a room of rustic style. In the decoration of the walls the green color harmoniously looks with simple furniture and exquisite white textiles.

Living room with light green wallpaper

The living room is a place where many events take place. Here the owners usually rest, take noisy companies. In the light green living room, the inhabitants feel as if on a green lawn, get the most positive. So light green wallpapers are suitable for this room as well as possible!

Kitchen with light green wallpaper

Lime color affects appetite. Believe me, the shade of green will be juicier, the tastier will be your usual food.

Nursery with light green wallpaper

Designers like to make out children in light green color. The light green wallpaper in the nursery goes well with the bright hues of the kids - blue, orange, yellow, pink. And the green tones in combination with the absurd salat act soothingly.

In the interior of the room, light green wallpapers are able to cheer up, providing home comfort. Therefore, now many people prefer the wallpaper of this beautiful bright color.


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Tip 3: Interior in orange color

Orange color seems sharp and bright to someone, and someone just loves bold sunny colors. Orange color in the interior is a modern decorative trend that attracts attention.This color allows you to create a particularly warm atmosphere that always retains the feeling of a hot summer.
Interior in orange color


What combines orange

If you decide to fill the room with such juicy colors, consider the important nuances. The most important thing is to combine orange with other colors correctly. You can not overdo it. In any room, the orange will be the color “king”, and attention will be riveted to it. So it is better when it does not occupy all the space, but is only an accent.

White, olive, beige, gray, pale blue, light brown, light green will help to balance the aggressiveness of this shade. With these colors you get a stylish and harmonious combination. They can be safely used in textiles, furniture, accessories.

Today, orange is used in all rooms, with the right approach, it will look appropriate everywhere.


In the interior of the kitchen orange color can settle on the cabinets, furniture, tabletop. Or simply become the main shade of kitchen appliances, creating a small summer island at any time of the year.


Orange bedroom is suitable for energetic people who like to relax in a bright room.Choosing such an expressive tint in the role of the main one, you refuse to rest and peace, with this color you are always waiting for activity.

Living room

Here the orange color would be appropriate if all other rooms are made in pastel colors. The main rule - the room should be located on the shadow side, otherwise the excess of color and light will be superfluous.

Wherever you decide to use orange color, it is better that this bright shade was set off by muted tones. Refrain from abrupt transitions - they "cut" the eyes. Therefore, approach the design of rooms in orange color seriously - use the color dosed.

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