Tip 3: Shugaring Pasta Recipe

Many girls complain that when cooking pasta for shugaring according to recipes from the Internet, they get overcooked caramel or unprepared mass sticking to their hands. To avoid this, you should carefully observe the proportions and technology of cooking.
To stock up on sugar paste for the future, you need to prepare a deep enameled pan, a spoon for stirring, a durable plastic storage container, a kilogram of sugar, two lemons and water, and a clock to control the cooking time. This volume is enough for regular use for epilating the whole body for 3-4 months.
In the pan should fill the packaging with sugar, pour 7 tablespoons of water and 8 spoons of lemon juice without impurities. All ingredients need to be mixed to obtain a homogeneous mass. It is undesirable to squeeze a lemon in advance; it must be done immediately before cooking.
The resulting mass for shugaring should be put on a strong fire for exactly a minute, then mix well and heat another 60 seconds at maximum flame. After that, it is necessary to turn the handle of the plate to the minimum.
The pot should be covered with a lid and cooked for 40 minutes. Every ten minutes, the sugar mass for hair removal should be stirred, after which the pan can be closed again.
During the first stirring, you can see how the sugar begins to melt, during the penultimate one, to gurgle, and when you open the pan for the last time, you will notice that foam and bubbles appear on the mass. When the shugaring paste begins to bubble, we can say that the cooking process is almost complete. Remove the lid from the pan and hold the paste on the fire for another five minutes.
Ready mass for shugaring must be poured into a storage container. It should be dry and clean, have a sealed cover, so you need to take care of it in advance.
Cooked shugaring paste should be cooled to room temperature. It takes about three hours.
Warm mass can already be used for hair removal. To do this, roll balls of caramel and apply them on the skin against the growth of hair. If kneading the paste turns out badly, then you can apply it with a spatula to the skin and remove with the help of strips of paper or cotton fabric.
It should be noted that when changing the proportions of the recipe for shugaring paste, the cooking time will change, so the sugar mass may not work.

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