Tip 2: How to plant vervain

Charming fragrant bushes of verbena, no doubt, decorate the garden. The plant is quite compact, 20-40 cm tall, so it will look good in ridges along the tracks next to other low-growing flowers.
How to plant vervain
You will need
  • - boxes for seedlings;
  • - easy friable soil;
  • - coarse sand;
  • - Verbena seeds.
Verbena has a rather long growing season, so in our climate it is best to grow it through seedlings. Otherwise, you can not wait for flowering. Landing should begin in mid-February - early March.
Make a suitable mixture for verbena. The plant needs a light, not very nutritious soil. To do this, take the land from your garden and mix it with clean sand in a 2: 1 ratio. Pour the soil into the planting boxes, and put a layer of coarse sand about 5 mm thick on top. Spread the seeds along the surface (they are quite large), then gently press them into the soil and moisten with a spray bottle.
Vervain seeds need stratification.They need to create a little stress, in this case, the shoots will be friendly, and the plants are strong. Put the boxes with crops for 2-3 weeks on the lower shelf of the refrigerator, then transfer them to a warm place.
As soon as the first shoots appear, the vervain should be placed in a sunny place, since the plant is very light-loving. Water the seedlings as the top layer dries out, try not to overwet the clod of earth, as the seedlings weaken and can perish if over-watered.
With the appearance of 2-3 true leaves, pick out the seedlings in separate pots and pinch their tops, which will contribute to the development of lateral shoots, and you will get compact lush bushes.
1-2 weeks before landing in the ground, begin to harden verbena seedlings. Take it out in the afternoon to the garden or put it on the balcony. These saplings easily carry light frosts that occur in late spring and early summer, so you can land it in a permanent place in mid-May.
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Helpful advice
1-2 weeks after planting the vervain in open ground, you can pin its shoots to the ground. At this point, additional roots will appear and a new plant bush will begin to develop.So you can get a whole glade of these beautiful flowers.

Tip 3: Ampel full of luxurious flowers

If you pick up plants that bloom magnificently, an ampel hanging on the wall of the house, balcony railing, porch or gazebo will please the eye with a riot of bright colors. This hanging mini flowerbed!
Ampel full of gorgeous flowers
You will need
  • - basket of wire with a diameter of about 50 cm
  • - soil for plants
  • - sphagnum moss or other
  • - stand for the pot
  • - cmin peeled (5 pcs.)
  • - Lobelia (12-20 pieces)
  • - Petunia (6 pcs.)
  • - Fuchsia (3 pcs.)
  • - Ivy Pelargonium (3 pcs.)
  • - Vervain (3 pcs.)
Before planting in the ampel it is necessary to water the plants plentifully. Then you should prepare the basket and lay it out with a thick layer of moss.
To make the basket stable during the planting process, you can put it on a large flower pot, a bucket or a small bowl - it will become much more convenient to work!
Place the pot rack in the center of the basket - this will help hold back some of the water during watering. Fill the basket with earth.
It is not necessary to buy ready-made seedlings for some plants. So, lobelia erinus will sprout out of seeds. But tsmin, geranium and fuchsia better to buy in the form of ready-made seedlings.
On the sides, land vervain and cmin.After that, put another layer of moss, and then plant the petunias.
In a circle, place the lobelia. To prevent the earth from spilling out of the basket, if necessary, the holes can be blocked with moss.
In the central part of the basket, place the fuchsias and ivy-like pelargoniums so that they hang over the edges of the basket.
Fill the empty places by planting lobelia. If necessary, add more land to the basket. Pour over. Suspended mini flower bed is ready! You can hang it.
It is necessary to water plants in Ampel once a day, and in a hot time - twice a day, because the moisture in the hanging ampel evaporates much faster.
During flowering plants must be fertilized with liquid fertilizers. This should be done until August.
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Tip 4: How to attract butterflies to the garden: decorating a motley flowerbed

The flowerbed, the plants on which bloom from early spring to late autumn is a real oasis for butterflies. They are attracted to bright and fragrant flowers. And this flower bed just pleases the eye.
How to attract butterflies to the garden: decorating a motley flowerbed
You will need
  • - compost for flower beds
  • - hose for watering
  • - plant seedlings for planting
Choose a windless sunny place for a flower bed.Prepare a plot size of 2 x 3 meters. Put compost into the soil.
In the background, plant a delphinium, dahlias and spaces. Between them, leave room for passage.
In the foreground, plant small annuals, selected in color, in small loose groups. You can use petunia of various shapes and shades, marigolds upright, Sander tobacco, verbena, ever-flowering begonia, ageouthum hostone - most of these plants bloom from early summer until the first frost.
Perennials can also be used in such a way that the flowerbed always remains in bloom. So, in the spring bloom heirantus Sherry, Caucasian Caucasian, Iberis Evergreen, Violet Fragrant. In the summer, the mountain cornflower is blooming, the large-flowered cornflower, Fassen’s catnip, Coreopsis large-flowered. In the autumn, the Astra Novo-Belgian will bloom, the stonecrop ordinary, stems of hemp-shaped, mordovnik.
If you want a flower bed for butterflies to be really attractive, make sure that in addition to the flowers that give nectar, they are provided with the necessary food for the caterpillars. For their food fit honeysuckle, thistle, lotus.In a secluded corner of the garden plant a stinging nettle.
Pull a watering hose through the flowerbed. Grub the soil to prevent weed growth.
Helpful advice
Regularly remove wilted flowers - it stimulates the growth of new buds.
When the first frosts come, dig up and dry the dahlia roots thoroughly. Store them until spring in wet peat.

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