Tip 4: How to make a husband respect his wife and be afraid of losing her

To make her husband respect his wife and be afraid of losing her, a woman needs to actually completely change her daily behavior and even her lifestyle. There are often situations where the opinion of a man is given priority, while he himself begins to degrade the dignity of his spouse more and more. That is why even professional psychologists recommend couples to establish equivalent relationships when creating a family.
Distribute responsibilities in your family. A woman can take on some of them, thereby simplifying the everyday life of a man. For example, some women get rights and start driving on their own. This can make a man less irritable, since his spouse will now be able to take the children to study, go shopping, visit relatives and friends.At the same time, it is best to choose new clothes, cosmetics and other small purchases in splendid isolation or in the company of girlfriends so as not to bother my husband.
If you respect your husband's habits and favorite activities (of course, if they are useful), he will most likely also respect yours. You shouldn’t forbid him to see friends from time to time, watch football matches, go fishing, etc. You can even share some of these activities with him: so many women like football, and nature trips are always good for health.
You can make your husband respect his wife and be afraid of losing her if you learn how to cook his favorite dishes well and make him happy with a varied diet. Some men prefer to keep silent about the fact that the spouse is not the best culinary specialist, gradually accumulating a negative in himself, which subsequently leads to quarrels from scratch. Learn recipes and improve your skills, and this will not go unnoticed.
Take care of your appearance if you want your husband to appreciate and fear losing you. It is important to try to remain the same woman whom he once loved and with whom he decided to start a family.Cosmetic procedures, sports training and experiments with clothes will not take much time and even bring a lot of positive points.
In no case should we forget about romance, to make a husband respect his wife. Show sensuality: give your beloved kisses, write love sms and diversify your sex life. Periodic trips for joint rest and dates in private will be useful. All this will surely help to make your family life long and happy.

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