Tips for organizing a smart photo shoot on the street

It may seem to someone that a photo session on the street is boring and banal, but in fact, if you approach this idea creatively, you can get lively, original and extremely outstanding shots.

Just in the fresh air, with natural light and no spatial restrictions, you can achieve the most natural, diverse and interesting pictures, unlike the same studio, where most of the photos are staged.

We think over the concept of street photos

How to arrange a photo session on the street, so that the result fully justifies the wasted strength and energy? In order for the pictures to turn out really lively and organic, you need to think about the whole image of the model: work on her appearance, clothes, makeup, which will depend entirely on the concept of the photo.

From it, incidentally, you need to build on, choosing places for filming, as well as the time of year, days and even weather conditions.What image do you want to recreate?

  • The simplest thing for a girl is, perhaps, a walk of a romantic beauty through the most iconic and pleasant corners of the city - memorable streets, pretty cafes or old buildings. For these photo walks you can choose the clothes that you like best - from light dresses to complex multi-layer sets, diluted with numerous accessories. Of course, we are talking about a casual walk, not photos at a stand "quietly" at some other city monument.
  • Photo session in retro style. If the streets of your city have enough old architecture, you can always think of something in the style of past years. To make the image come together, you need to work with a makeup artist and hairdresser in advance - makeup and hairstyles of the past years most vividly emphasize the retro-era. For the lens you need to choose an interesting background content - ancient arches, unusual courtyards, arbors, forged gates or doors and so on.
  • Fashion photoset. And why not repeat the frames, as on the cover of glossy magazines, where professional models are captured against the backdrop of urban landscapes? Night shooting looks very rich - against the background of lively automobile traffic, bright shop windows and city lights.The model should also look appropriate - outfits close to the catwalk, eye-catching make-up and hairstyle, as well as poses - they can be seen all in the same magazines.
  • Urban style. Recently, the concept of large cities, as well as their special rhythm and image in the photo, has become very fashionable and popular. The classics of the genre are the glass walls of skyscrapers, walls with bright graffiti, unusual modern buildings and bridges, and so on.

In general, on the street in front of a photographer and a model, there is a whole field of reflection and fantasy - you can think of anything, even in the smallest and, at first glance, unpretentious towns to find stunning views and landscapes.

If city landscapes are not very impressive, go out of town, to a park, forest or to the shore of a reservoir, everywhere you can think of something special, unusual and memorable.

Special features

In order for everything to go smoothly, and the result was pleasing to the eye, for a photo shoot on the street, like any other, you need to carefully prepare. After you have decided on the desired way and the concept of future photos, you need to work on the details.

  • Think carefully about your appearance, depending on the chosen idea, it should emphasize the main advantages of your figure and appearance. If the city has to move a lot, it is probably better to stock up with replaceable comfortable shoes, if, for example, you are on heels.
  • In order to make the photos as diverse as possible, take care of a variety of accessories that can be periodically changed, for example, scarves, handkerchiefs, gloves, glasses, a bunch of flowers, a bunch of balloons and so on.
  • Decide with the time of day: remember that the best and natural pictures are obtained in the early morning or late in the evening, when the sun is not so hot. You can be photographed on the street in any season, each has its own charms and shortcomings. For example, in the autumn beautiful shots are obtained against the background of multicolored trees, but it is already cool and rainy, it is sometimes difficult to guess with the weather. But in the summer - the will for images, outfits and places for filming, however, it happens, on the contrary, too hot.
  • There are moments that, for some reason, it is not customary to say, they are considered commonplace, but without them, it sometimes happens that it is very difficult to hold a good and pleasant photo session on the street.For example, if you go to the forest or to the lake, then it will not be superfluous to grab the ointment from mosquitoes, in the summer - a cream from the sun, and in the autumn - an umbrella if there is a sudden rain. By the way, a beautiful umbrella can be used in the process of shooting, as an additional accessory.
  • Also, we should not forget that on the street, hairstyle and makeup may require a change, so you should have a traveling cosmetic bag, a comb and a small mirror. If you previously create an image with a complex hairdo, then it is recommended to fix it well with lacquer so that it lasts as long as possible, even if it's a breeze outdoors.
  • Prepare in advance: look at photos of famous photobloggers, perhaps you will learn something new for yourself in their images, there is often something outrageous and extremely unusual. Browse the work of famous photographers who take pictures of this subject, take an interest in the photo of models against the background of different cities of the world.
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