Tire repair

Tell me, who knows in Moscow a good tire, preferably around the clock. Yesterday I drove out of town, punctured the tire, but there was no spare tire with me. I had to wait until my friend arrived and helped.
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Answered on January 22, 18:59
I am very familiar with such situations. I also once laid out the spare tire, so that there was more space in the trunk. When I punctured the tire, I realized how wrong I was, the car was pushed for a very long time to the nearest tire fitting.
Answered on January 22, 19:03
Now there are a lot of tire fitting stations and you can often meet them on the way. In general, you can buy a repair kit for tires, because it can be useful at any moment.
Answered on January 22 19:08
Now companies are trying to provide as much as possible convenient and profitable services for people. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that there is an exit tire service. Here, for example, in this company you can do tire repair, even if you are on the road. I hope you like this option.

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