Who to contact with the paperwork for the examination of project documentation?

And what documents are needed for registration, where to get the list, so as not to miss anything? Need originals or copies enough?


On this issue, you can contact the center of expertise of construction projects. In fact, today there are many who are involved in the examination of project documentation, there are both free and paid examinations. See the list of required documents here.http://cesp.spb.ru/uslugi/ekspertiza-proektnoj-dokumentatsii-i-ili-rezultatov-inzhenernyh-izyskanij/

Most likely, the originals are also needed, but it is better to clarify everything on the website of the center of expertise. They will be able to tell you exactly all the terms, prices and necessary documents.

In the center of expertise. There will be listed all the necessary statements and documents.

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