To dream a white horse: the interpretation of a dream

A white horse in a dream is an auspicious sign. However, the prediction depends on the smallest details of the dream.

Dream Dream Thelomena

White horse promises well-being. Do not be afraid to take risks - luck is on your side. Feel free to embody crazy ideas and projects.

Who dreamed of a white horse

For girls, the dreamed portends a succession of white and black stripes in life. Another meaning is anxiety and feelings for significant matters.

If a woman dreamed - to soon marriage. But do not rush, the marriage will take place after a romantic relationship.

For a man, means rest with friends. If the dreamer has saddled a horse - to acquaintance and a love affair.

Your actions in a dream about a white horse

If you rode on it - the dream book promises you an unforgettable vacation, bright events and a good time, and if you jumped from the saddle - spending, loss of credibility or position. Riding - meeting and gathering with old friends.

To iron a horse in a dream - expect a happy ending of all the tasks and a good start to the new plans. Such a dream predicts success at work. Make a bet on a white suit horse - catch good luck by the tail.

If you are bitten by a white horse, you will learn all the secrets of the second half. Search for a horse in a dream - parting or divorce.

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