Together: 5 dishes to cook with a child

When we want to teach a child something, the main thing is not to miss the right moment. The fact that the time has come to learn the basics of cooking, you will know when the child asks: "Can I help you to cook?" The answer should only be: "Of course you can!"
Cooking with kids
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When we attract a child to work in the kitchen, we prepare him for adult life and realize a lot of other useful aspects. Let's call three main ones.

The first. The fact that the child has been entrusted with “adult” work becomes for him a very important moment in the realization of its importance and necessity.

The second. The kitchen is an ideal training ground for learning math and logic. After all, you need to count how many eggs to put, spoons of sugar or salt. Working in the kitchen, the child learns independence, responsibility, new and necessary skills.

Third. Cooking is a creative process. So, we not only teach the kid to cook, but also increase his creative potential.

Cooking with kids
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But in order to get only joy and pleasure from kitchen magic, you need to remember a few simple rules. The most important thing is to explain to the child how to behave properly in the kitchen, and to strictly follow this. After all, there are so many dangerous objects around, which means that there should be no running around or self-indulgence. In order to have to wash less, sew or buy a personal apron for your young chef (from oilcloth). Pick a crumbs resistant stool or other stand so that he can easily reach the sink, stove or table. And by all means explain that after cooking it is necessary to clean up the kitchen.

So, 5 recipes that need to be prepared with children, + 5 cartoons about food that can be viewed with them.

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