Top 10 most interesting thrillers of 2013-2014

If you have strong nerves, then you probably love this genre of cinema as a thriller. But not all the pictures of this genre can be called interesting and worthy of attention. But below are offered really fascinating and breathtaking films.

So, the top 10 best thrillers of 2013-2014:

1. "Side effect". Emily Hawkins enjoys life and her happy marriage, but in a flash everything collapses. Her beloved husband is imprisoned for murder. Emily is tormented by doubts, she does not understand who to believe. The girl from within is devoured by torments, she is in a state of panic and fear, falls into a severe depression and swallows sedatives in handfuls.

Realizing that she herself can not cope with such a state, the heroine turns to a psychotherapist for help. Dr. Banks is trying to help his patient, but he is helpless and turns to the former psychoanalyst Emily - Victoria Zilbert.


She gives the patient a new experimental antidepressant.But the side effects of the drug are so serious that Emily begins to commit terrible acts. Does she understand what she is doing? And does the doctor know that experimental treatment can turn into a tragedy and exposure?

2.The list includesfilm "Trans". The main character Simon works at auction. Every day he sees how rich people lay out fabulous sums, and also wants to get wealth. And when the head of the criminal gang offers him an idea that will help him to gain from the sale of the stolen picture, Simon, of course, cannot cope with the temptation and agrees to such an adventure.

But everything went wrong, the guy expected. The criminals did not intend to share their earnings with him, they simply stunned him with a blow to the head during the theft. Simon loses his memory and forgets where the valuable exhibit is stored, which greatly disappoints his accomplices.


Criminals hire a psychotherapist and ask him to immerse Simon in a trance to find out where the picture is. The guy begins to restore the chain of events, but realizes that as soon as it turns out the truth, he himself will be killed.As a result, the plot is twisted so that it becomes difficult to understand who is hostage to the situation, and who embodies the insidious plan.

3. “Wake-up call”. The film tells about a simple woman who worked as an operator of the rescue service 911. The phone receives a call from an agitated teenage girl. She reports that she witnessed the crime, and the killer is still there. The employee tries to find out the details, but the call ends.

The woman calls back and the scared girl who picked up the phone reports that the call caught the attention of the killer, and he is going to kill her. The call ends again, and the operator soon learns that the caller is still dying. The heroine begins to blame herself for the death of a teenager, but she doesn’t have time for mental agony, because a series of brutal murders hit the city.

emergency call

Maniac hunts young girls and bloodthirsty deals with them. A few days later, the rescue service again received an alarm call. This time, a woman cannot afford a single mistake. She is poisoned at the address from which the call came, and is going to do everything to save the victim and deal with the killer.Will this be a simple 911 operator?

4. "The illusion of deception"- one of the most interesting and exciting pictures with a plot, which sometimes is simply impossible to keep track of. Sleight of hand, cunning and thoughtful tricks - all this can help get a fortune. For a common man, such machinations seem incredibly complex, but impudent and talented people can very well implement the most intricate and complex plan.

Illusion of deception

Each show collects an incredible number of people, but it's a fraudulent illusionist only on hand, because to implement what they need, there are many spectators. Young people commit incredible crimes in front of thousands of amazed people, but each time skillfully and defiantly deceive the FBI agents and go unpunished. But will the team of talented "magicians" be able to carry out their master plan and break the biggest sum?

5. "Penthouse overlooking the north". In this film there are almost no special effects, but it is permeated with hatred, mixed with love and tears. A similar story could happen to anyone, and from this it seems even more piercing. No spectator can remain indifferent to the fate of the heroine, who, by chance, is deprived of sight.

Penthouse overlooking the north

Sarah worked as a correspondent, but in one moment her life lost its meaning and lost all colors. This grief Sarah is trying to survive alone, but her young man strongly supports her beloved. But one day the heroine returns from a walk and finds her friend dead.

She understands that there is someone in the house who is involved in the incident. These are robbers who decide to take possession of the jewels. Sarah sees nothing, but clearly realizes that no one will come to help her, and yet she gathers all her will into a fist and decides not only to survive, but also to take revenge by depriving her young man of life.

6. “Disappeared”. For everyone around him, Nick and Amy Dunn are spouses who love and respect each other. But on the eve of the fifth wedding anniversary, Amy suddenly disappears. Nick discovers traces of blood in the kitchen that they tried to hide carefully. In addition, the husband left her husband a few keys and riddles. They will help find the treasures that Amy’s inventor hid from her lover every year on the anniversary of her marriage.


Treasure Hunt is a girl's favorite game, and it is the clues left in the course of this game that can help find out what really happened to Nick's wife.Suspicions also fall on him, and when it turns out that he cheated on his wife, they all just start hating a man and dreaming that he will pay for what he has done. But who really is to blame. And where did Amy go?

7. “Time patrol”- a movie that is worth watching. In the world of the future, scientists have created a time machine that allows not only to make temporary jumps, but also to correct the mistakes of the past, change the present and influence the future. All crimes can now be prevented until they are committed. The main character is a patrolman of the time, who receives the latest in his career, but the most important task.

Time patrol

He must stop a crazy demolition man whose crimes take the lives of thousands of people. But the criminal is always one step ahead. Finally, the agent goes on a final journey in which he will have to recruit himself.

8. "Walk among the graves". Matt Scudder is a former policeman who was fired from the police because of alcohol problems. Coming out of the binge, Matt decides to radically change not only himself but also the world around him. He opens a detective agency and decides to help people find out the truth.There is still little to do with Scudder, but he understands that the most important investigations are ahead.

Walk among the graves

In the city there is a maniac killer who kidnaps, kills and dismembers people. The police is powerless, and the husband of one of the victims turns to Detective Matt for help. He starts an investigation, attacks the trail and finds himself where the cops were afraid to even drop in. Finding out the truth, Scudder realizes that people really are not at all afraid of what they should be afraid of.

9. "The abode of the damned"- one of the best psychological thrillers with an interesting storyline and an unexpected ending. Edward Newgate is a young psychotherapist who is sent to an psychiatric hospital on the outskirts to gain experience. Chief physician Saylos Lamb meets a young receiver and begins to bring him up to date.

The abode of the damned

A young man notices the beautiful Eliza Graves, who literally conquers his heart. Soon Edward begins to suspect that something in this mysterious place is not so. He understands that Lamb and other doctors of the clinic are impostors who seized the clinic and decided to live according to their own rules. Edward is doing everything to take Eliza away, because, it turns out, he wanted it for a long time.

10. “Before I fall asleep”- interesting, unusual and complicated story.Christine Lucas wakes up every morning and starts life from scratch, because she remembers absolutely nothing. Only a patient and caring husband helps a girl to recreate a chain of events and remember everything that has happened to her in recent years. But Christine has a doctor who also pulls everything she needs to remember from the depths of her memory.

Before I fall asleep

The girl keeps a video diary and every evening writes down everything that she managed to remember during the day. Conversations pass secretly from the husband, and when he learns about it, he becomes indignant. Soon, Kristin finds out that in fact there was no accident that caused the loss of memory, and the caring husband just lies. He erases all the recordings from the video camera and again tries to prove his truth. Desperate girl is ready for anything to find out the truth and understand who she really is and who can be trusted.

These were the most interesting thrillers of 2013 and 2014.

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