Top 10 most strange and unusual professions in the world

Do you think your profession is strange, bad, and no one needs? In vain! There are more strange and unusual professions. Find out which ones are considered the most ridiculous.

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We suggest you to know the top 10 of the strangest professions in the world:

  1. Penguin inverter. Yes, there are such people. The fact is that cute fat northern birds without wings are very clumsy and sometimes move with difficulty. And the penguins living near the polar stations often turn upside down. When a plane flies to the station, the birds react to the sound, try to raise their heads, but because of the short neck they cannot see the object in the sky and fall on their backs. And unfortunately, a clumsy penguin cannot turn over, unfortunately, because of which it can become a predator's victim. But the overturner always comes to the aid of the poor and, in fact, saves their lives.
  2. Condom tester. And although in the production process such rubber products pass a lot of checks and tests,allowing to assess the strength and reliability, but to analyze other qualities in the factory or laboratory conditions is not so easy, because the human factor plays a special role. And then condom testers are hired, who use products for 6-12 months and evaluate such rubber products “in action”. The work, of course, dust-free, but quite responsible. After all, the opinion of testers affects the final characteristics of the product entering the stores.
  3. Venomous snake milker. Yes, and such a profession, it turns out, exists. Serpentine poison, of course, is dangerous, but it is used for the manufacture of antidotes and various drugs. To get snake venom, you need to have some knowledge and skills. Milker carefully and firmly takes a snake, presses on certain places, brings it to the glass, so that the snake bites a thin film and releases the poison. Simulation of poison glands allows you to collect more toxic liquid. The profession is very dangerous, but the salary is quite high.
  4. Ants catcher. Ants are not only real hard workers, but also our friends.They provide good soil quality and even help clean it. In addition, artificial ant farms, which can be observed at home, are popular today. And for such farms the best individuals are selected that have the best characteristics. The catcher is engaged in the selection and capture of such ants. Such a person should know the features of these insects and be able to catch them safely and safely.
  5. Scoundrel. Such people are in many large companies. They must have a keen sense of smell and smell. Some "sniffers" appreciate the freshness of breath and the quality of chewing gum, others analyze the aroma of perfumes. And some, one might say, no luck. They sniff the armpits after applying deodorant throughout the day. Not the most pleasant job, but, as you know, all professions are important.
  6. Mourner. Such a profession exists in some Asian countries. The fact is that the Asian peoples are restrained and are accustomed to hide their emotions from outsiders. But you need to mourn the dead at the funeral. And how to do it if the tears do not flow? A professional mourner will come to the rescue, who, by the way,must know traditions and customs, be able to cry naturally and sometimes theatrically, but at the same time instantly calm down. Here are some services of a mourner: simple crying, crying with howling and sobbing, crying with sobbing and falling on his knees, sobbing with all the ensuing consequences (rolling on the floor, banging his head against the wall, and so on). I would like to take a look at all this.
  7. Dice Estimator. It's no secret that sometimes dice and dice decide the fate of people and the outcome of a game in a casino. And after exposing the scammers who used the “diced” cubes, it was decided to hire special people who would check the quality of the dice and prevent scams during the games. The profession is highly paid, but requires some knowledge. The appraiser should have a heightened sensitivity of the fingers and an immaculate eye. These qualities will ensure the same probability of dropping triples, fours and other numbers on the dice.
  8. Toilet Guide. In China, the population is so high, and the rhythm of life is so fast that a person can spend the whole day outside. But how to handle the need? In some cities and regions of the Middle Kingdom it is easy to get lost, and even more difficult to find a toilet.But you can always refer to the toilet guide, who for a nominal fee will tell and show where the nearest “toilet” is located, and how to get to it. And what, sometimes such information is extremely important and necessary, so the profession is in high demand.
  9. Brain grabber. No, such a person will not “carry out the brain” in the figurative sense, he will do it in the most direct sense. With the dismemberment of corpses, this profession has nothing in common, this person works in meat processing plants or in slaughterhouses. In meat production, all duties are distributed: one animal slaughters, another gut, the third chops meat. Recently, the brain of cattle began to be used for the preparation of delicacies, so that a new profession appeared - the brain remover. This cold-blooded person should split the skull and get out the brains, which then go to restaurants.
  10. Master of cow pedicure. Why a cow pedicure? The fact is that the state of the hooves of this animal can affect its state of health, health, and even reproductive function. And that is why the caring farmers of America and some European countries watch the hoofs of their wards, so that they, in turn, multiply and give milk, increasing the income of the owner.On some large farms there are whole staffs who do pedicure for cows. The work is not the most pleasant, but, as it turned out, very necessary.

Would you catch him?

These are not all strange professions. It is also worth noting the pick of golf balls, shoe wrinkle smoother, furniture tester, golf club polisher (in elite golf clubs, in general, a lot of employees), waiting list (the person who will stand in line for you), interlocutor, the chickens sex determinant and others.

Still consider your profession strange?

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