Top 10 ornamental shrubs that can turn a garden into a paradise

The value of ornamental shrubs can not be overestimated. There are some among them that blossom together with primroses. And there are those that exude a heady aroma and give pleasure to warm summer evenings. With the help of bushes you can place accents. They are magnificent in hedges and recreation areas. A place for them can be found at the entrance gate and in the front gardens. The main thing is to choose shrubs that will please your bloom every year. It is important that flowering plants do not need to acclimatize, then you can admire their beauty forever, and all this with minimal care. Here they are, the 10 best shrubs that can become a worthy decoration for the garden.


This decorative shrub is pleased with its colors in March-April. Bright yellow flowers appear long before the leaves.The latter pleases the eye in the fall, when they acquire a purple color. Depending on the variety, forsythia can be both short and tall.


Begins to delight in abundant color in May. Flowers emitting a delicate scent may have a color ranging from white and soft pink to dark crimson with a violet hue. Rose hips in addition to the decorative component have healing properties.


Moisture-loving shrub with small flowers, collected in huge hats. Pleases lush flowering from July to September. Types and colors are particularly varied.


Decorative fruit-bearing shrubs, the length of the whips which can reach 6 meters. Looks great in the arches and hedges.


Low-growing evergreen bushes literally creep along the ground. The shrub is a honey plant. Blooms profusely from July to September.

Jasmine garden or Chubushnik

White flowers with an enchanting rich aroma delight others from the first days of summer to mid-July. Chubushnik unpretentious, feels good in any light.


The moisture-loving plant, preferring to be in the shade.Not all varieties tolerate frost well. To better adapt the shrub, it is recommended to plant it in mid-latitudes in the spring.


The perfect combination of beauty and benefit. Viburnum blooms in May - June. Lush white hats are a worthy decoration. In the autumn period pleases the eye with clusters of red berries, which have medicinal properties.


White foam colors - that's what distinguishes spirea. Shrub crown well formed. Varieties differ in different periods of flowering. Conventionally, they can be divided into spring and summer blooming.


Beautiful lilac blooms in the second half of spring and is distinguished by a variety of colors. Consisting of many small flowers, lilac brushes exude a delicate fragrance. White, pink, dark purple, they fit perfectly into the situation and are a special decoration of the site.

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