Top 10 Vitamin A Rich Foods

Vitamins are very important for the normal functioning of the body. And their main source is food. That is why a balanced diet is so important for a person. Today we will talk about vitamin A. And we have prepared a whole top products that they are rich.

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Let's first see what is useful for retinol (found in foods of animal origin) and carotene (in foods of plant origin).

Firstly, they help to increase the body's defenses, secondly, they improve eyesight, support the correct metabolic process. And also positively affect the condition of the skin and hair.

Here are ten foods that are rich in these important ingredients. And they should definitely be included in your diet:

  1. Carrot. You can use it raw for salads, make juice, grill, boil or stew. In any form, this vegetable will bring enough benefits. In addition, it will saturate the body with antioxidants.
  2. Spinach. Despite the fact that this product has an unusual taste, and it is hardly used daily, but it is so rich in vitamin A that even a small portion exceeds the daily norm.Not sure how to cook it? Nothing complicated, add to any meat dish or simply season with vegetable oil and garlic.
  3. Bell pepper. Fleshy and juicy, it is ideal for salads. To get the maximum benefit, it is recommended to use it raw. A great option is to dip it in the sauce. In addition, this vegetable also contains a large amount of vitamin C.
  4. Tomatoes. Minimum calories, maximum benefits. Only one ripe fruit makes it possible to cover up to 20% of the daily need for vitamin A. And a glass of freshly squeezed juice - up to a quarter.
  5. Beef liver. In general, beef is a real storehouse of useful substances, and it was not by chance that it appeared on our list. The liver, of course, can have a slight bitterness, and it is not always necessary for adults and children, but even only 25 g provide an opportunity to get a daily nutrient norm.
  6. Pumpkin. It is ideal for any dish - from soups to drinks and pastries. In addition, this orange vegetable contains the necessary potassium and magnesium, and a small amount of calories. And because 200 g of delicacy, necessary to cover the need for vitamin A, will not be deposited on your sides.
  7. Mango.Sometimes you want to pamper yourself with some kind of overseas fruit. Choose a mango. A great base for a fruit salad or healthy smoothie. The use of mango is recommended to women because of the high content of the most cherished carotene, which helps the skin look as healthy as possible and be elastic.
  8. Apricots The orange color of the fruit indicates that it is in them that we can find the carotene we need. Moreover, there is it in fresh apricots, and in dried apricots.
  9. Broccoli. Small green inflorescences are incredibly useful. If you are on a diet, then know that broccoli is also a wonderful source of protein, making the vegetable full. Morning omelet with green inflorescences is a great and healthy start to the day.
  10. Calais. Under this secret name lies the well-known “curly cabbage”. With it, any vegetable salad will taste better. And another great option to saturate the body with nutrients contained in feces - pesto sauce. To do this, use a blender to chop the cabbage leaves, season them with olive oil, add a little garlic, lemon juice and mozzarella.

Especially pay attention to food rich in vitamin A, is for people engaged in heavy physical work, constantly subjected to stress and often sick.The lack of this substance in women is the main enemy of beauty. Hair and skin become dry, wrinkles are more visible, problems with teeth can begin.

Be attentive to your health and remember: we are what we eat!

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