Top 10 worst gifts for the holiday of March 8

The main thing is not a gift, but attention. Partly it is, but still very nice to receive presents. But there are gifts that a woman on International Women's Day just will not be happy.

So, the top 10 worst gifts for March 8:

1. The book.Slightly less than 8% of women believe that the book is not the best gift for International Women's Day. Why do the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity consider such a gift not very pleasant? First, a woman might think that a book is a subtle hint of lack of intelligence.


And let it sometimes happen to the exact opposite, and the person who gives the book, on the contrary, gives food for the mind and thereby shows that the recipient of the presentation is capable of reading the books, and, therefore, is interested in them (and this indicates a fairly developed intellectual ability ).

The girl can still be offended. Secondly, the book is not the kind of surprise that proves the best intentions of the donor or, for example, tells about feelings.Thirdly, it is not a fact that the product will be enjoyed by the gift recipient. And, fourthly, many today read books on electronic media.

2. Household appliances and kitchen utensils. Even if a woman dreamed of a slow cooker with a unique set of functions, a new set of heat-resistant pans or an oven, but she certainly will not want to receive all of this as a gift. And there are several reasons for this. So, if any device gives the spouse, then the woman probably will not be satisfied and even accuse him of greed. Why?


Because such items should be bought regardless of the holidays, that is, such purchases are included in the list of planned or mandatory. If a home appliance was presented by a young man or a groom, then the woman might think that he sees her as a housewife and believes that she should cook, clean, wash and so on, depending on what kind of appliance was presented. In general, about 15% of women consider such a gift not the most desirable.

3. Cheap jewelry. Judging by the polls, more than half of all the ladies do not want to receive tasteless and cheap jewelry as a gift.And it is not surprising, because, firstly, girls and women self-respecting and having a taste simply do not wear such jewelry. Secondly, even if jewelry is available in the arsenal, many people prefer to choose it independently, because the choice is not only a pleasant, but also a rather responsible matter.

Cheap costume jewelry

Thirdly, cheap jewelry can be regarded as a frivolous attitude. Yes, representatives of the fair sex believe that if a man is serious and appreciates a companion, then gifts should be serious and valuable. So if you give jewelry, then only precious and expensive. Most women will definitely appreciate them.

4. Anti-aging or weight-loss remedies or skin condition.These include a variety of anti-aging anti-wrinkle creams, cream against stretch marks, anti-cellulite gels and so on. Probably the girl wanted to purchase something from this list, but she was definitely not going to advertise it.

And if such a gift is made by a man, then the woman will be just furious. She will think that the beloved believes that she has serious shortcomings that need to be corrected.

And even if the woman herself is well aware of some of her minuses, speaks about them openly and even ironically, this does not mean that someone else can point at them. And let the gorgeous, high-quality and very expensive cream be donated, bad thoughts will still creep into the head of the recipient of such a gift.

5. Sports equipment. If the girl is not involved in sports, then any items of sports equipment will be perceived by her as a hint that it is time to start doing this. But, as you know, sports are regarded by many as a method of losing weight, and this will mean that the donor hints at an excess of body weight or imperfections of the figure.


And if the representative of a beautiful time - a real athlete, or at least regularly visits the gym, then surely she prefers to get everything you need yourself, because for the female half of humanity shapes, colors and design are important. In addition, buying, for example, dumbbells, you can not guess with the shape and weight.

6. Scales. This is not a subtle hint that your need to control. This is almost a direct indication of excess body weight, which, of course, will offend any girl.And let her really strive to keep an eye on weight, or say that she dreams of scales with the function of measuring muscle mass, water and fat.


Only she can buy them, and no one else! And, in general, scales are not the best thing. If you are constantly weighed, you can just get stuck. And if an increase is found, it can lead to depression.

7. Sex products.Statistics show that many girls have never been to sex shops, as they are simply afraid to go there and feel shame. Although at the same time many would not have refused to buy some little thing from such a store. It would seem that having received an intimate object as a gift, a woman should be delighted. But, as polls have shown, only very liberated, self-confident and self-sufficient women of the weaker half of humanity will be happy with such a present, and there are not so many of them. The rest are embarrassed, indignant and will experience other unpleasant emotions.

And still the girl might think that the one who made such a kind of gift either considers her a lady of easy virtue, or, on the contrary, thinks that she is closed and not very inventive in bed.

8. Stuffed toys.Even a huge teddy bear will please only a very young girl, not spoiled by male attention. All the rest believe that a soft toy is too frivolous a gift.


If, however, a huge bear is added to the height of the recipient, she will probably be pleased and surprised, but then she will certainly think that such a purchase is a waste of money, and you could get something more worthwhile and useful for the money spent . In addition, for a large toy may simply not find a place. As a result, such a gift will still be forgotten and will lie somewhere in the far corner.

9. Money. Yes, someone thinks that money is the best gift. And surely so many wives think. After all, often husbands just do not understand the hints that a woman so diligently begins to do a few months before international women's day. And therefore instead of an unnecessary thing any married woman will want to receive money.


But an unmarried girl who just started dating a young man will probably not even be delighted with a pile of bills, as she considers that the guy simply did not want to waste her time buying a gift.And it will say that he does not appreciate his chosen one.

In addition, the representative of the fair sex, who received money as a gift, might think that the beloved simply could not choose something suitable, since she knows nothing about her second half.

10. Figurines. In them, most girls and women simply do not see the point. Yes, it is very cute and beautiful. But there is no use in the statues. Of course, if the thing is original and expensive, then it will probably be appreciated. And yet, in order to use a gift, it must fit into the interior.


If a banal and tasteless statuette is presented, then be sure that it will be put on the top shelf or to the farthest corner or even put away in the closet. And many more such a gift can be considered frivolous. It can be a complement, but not the main and main gift.

It is important to consider the choice of a gift for a woman responsibly and carefully and to present it from the heart. And then the recipient will definitely be happy.

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