Top 4 worst gift for the New Year


Ridiculous and unnecessary gifts under the Christmas tree on New Year's Eve are annoying. In most cases, they are also puzzling. When there is no desire to spoil the holiday with your loved ones, you should pay attention to the rating of the worst gifts. It will allow not to be trapped and give up the idea to donate a completely unnecessary thing.

1. Souvenirs-symbols


On the eve of the New Year holidays, store counters are starting to break from various gizmos with symbols of the year. Gold and silver figurines of the animal, describing the coming year, look quite attractive as a souvenir.

Choosing a similar gift, it is better to think in advance - where will the figurine owners take it in a year? Is it really necessary in the house completely useless thing with which every day you have to brush away the dust? If loved ones are amateur collectors of cute statues, then perhaps a similar New Year's gift will be to their taste. In the opposite case, the statuette will cause confusion.

2. Photo Albums


The photo album as a gift was relevant in the early nineties.Then the photos were printed from the film. Today, most people use a computer and view pictures on gadgets. The photo album is destined to gather dust on the far shelf.

The same useless gift is the original photo frame. It is in fashion to decorate the interior of the house with family photos, but it is necessary to select the decor in full accordance with the setting and style of the room. If there is confidence in the correctness of the frame for a family photo, you can dare to please friends or relatives with such a gift.

3. Accessories


When you do not know the size of the clothes of the person who needs to present a gift, then you should not try to buy things. Universal shawls, belts and ties are not at all so. Not every person will like to find purple socks or a bow tie under a Christmas tree on a holiday.

It is better to give up the idea to buy close people such accessories, so as not to disappoint. Do not get even the most attractive gloves, if they have nowhere to put on. Before buying gizmos you need to think about its feasibility. In extreme cases, it is better to ask your loved one in advance if he needs a chosen accessory.

4. Cosmetic set


Cosmetics need to be selected depending on the type of human skin. However, there is always a risk that the cosmetic product does not fit the composition, will cause an allergy and will remain in the locker. A close person may not like the smell of donated cosmetics, the brand of the manufacturer or other nuances.

Choosing a New Year's gift, it is better to ask in advance about the cherished dream of a loved one. Do not waste money on useless things. If the gift does not meet expectations, then it is unlikely to bring joy to a magical New Year's Eve.

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