Top 5 products for beautiful skin

What you need to have to face as long as possible remained smooth, ruddy and fresh? Woman's Day has compiled a list of five products recommended by cosmetologists and nutritionists.

A good sleep, sports and outdoor activities are not enough to look your best. Our skin is very dependent on nutrition, right or not. Even super effective face creams will be powerless against an unbalanced diet. Therefore, adjust your diet, less fatty and salty, plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy products (after all, if the intestinal microflora is disturbed and you have dysbacteriosis, you can not even dream about smooth skin). And to cope with wrinkles and dull complexion you can help some "especially valuable" products.

1. Fish and seafood

How to make skin beautiful
How to make skin beautiful
  • Active ingredients:omega-3 fatty acids, zinc.
  • Effect:smooth, clean skin.

The importance of seafood for health is difficult to overestimate. Zinc, which is especially rich in oysters andfatty fish, plays a major role in skin renewal and collagen synthesis. And its lack leads to nothing less than premature aging. Specific fatty acids contained in fish, maintain the level of skin hydration, preventing the development of dryness and inflammation. In addition, zinc cares about the condition of the heart arteries, improving blood circulation. No wonder the expression "blood with milk" is associated with both rosy cheeks, and with excellent health. In addition, "fish" zinc prevents the inflammation of the sebaceous glands and the formation of acne and blackheads.

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