Top 6: warming drinks

Rating warming drinks that help us survive the cold, staying healthy and vigorous, as well as recipes for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, mulled wine and grog.
Hot tea
Hot coffee


Due to caffeine, a small cup of espresso works wonders, warming and stimulating us to feats.

It improves mental and physical performance, reduces fatigue and drowsiness. Agree, this is exactly what you need on cloudy and rainy days! However, large doses of caffeine can lead to exhaustion of the nervous system and insomnia. Therefore, it is better for big lovers of this flavored drink during the short day to switch to instant coffee or decaf versions (the latter, by the way, still contain caffeine).

It remains to choose a drink to taste: classic espresso, lightweight American (diluted with boiling water), latte (with milk), cappuccino (with milk crema), mocha (with chocolate), and glace (with ice cream) and gethome coffee machine.

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