Transformations of the year: stars that have changed a lot

New Year is sneaking up, and the editors of Woman's Day recalled the 2015 most memorable 10 star changes.

Sharon osbourne

Sharon Osbourne, face plastics
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This year, the 63-year-old star broke her promise to no longer apply to plastic surgery and took up the old.

At the next secular party, 63-year-old Sharon surprised the audience with a new ... face! Osborne never denied having performed plastic surgery.

In the late 1970s, the star made a plastic breast, and then decided to take on the face! Tightening, correction of the nose, and then shunting of the stomach. Tightening the skin of the legs and buttocks also added to the list of operations Sharon. It would seem time to stop?

“I followed the dream, but that's enough! Surgery is agony, ”admitted Osborne several years ago in an interview.

But, apparently, the dependence on operations took over the star again. In the last pictures of the star, the public noticed changes in the shape of the lips, cheekbones, and it seems that the bags under the eyes smoothed out, most likely not with the help of a magic cream, but with blepharoplasty. Yes, and surprisingly smooth forehead Sharon certainly is not just a sign of good genetics.

The eyebrows of the star also took a new form, but we hope that this is the quality work of the Brow-wizard.

It's hard not to notice that with her new face, Sharon has become even more like her 31-year-old daughter, Kelly Osbourne, who, by the way, looks great.

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